My list of quotes

Sometimes the greatest journey in the world is the distance between two people – W.Somerset Maugham

What a beautiful thought indeed!! In such a short line, W.Somerset Maugham has explained the feelings of love in such a beautiful way. Hats off to his creative thoughts !! Through this article, I have taken a small effort to compile a list of my thoughts about life, love and writings. I hope you all will definitely give your opinion on my written quotes.

1)It is better to live happily alone than staying sadly alone

2) Who are writer’s best friends? His pen, paper and thoughts

3) Destiny connects people. Feelings brings them together. If two people are destined to live together, they will definitely meet, no matter how far their worlds may be.

4) The real joy of life lies in celebrating the small moments of happiness than waiting for big ones to happen.

5) Searching right word for an article is similar like a bachelor searching for a lovely soul mate.

6) For me, writing is like composing a music and keyboard is like a melodious piano where I pick the right word to compose my content.  Life is incomplete without music, thus I always imagine myself like a musician so that I can bring some melody in my writings.

7)Through his writings, a writer creates a world of fantasy where the reader lives in fantasy world as he reads every word wrote by the author. The reader not only visits the fictitious world, but also meets the wonderful characters created by the writer. The impact of an exceptional writing is so powerful that one feels like staying in a world untouched by time.

8) The real beauty of a person is revealed when he shows his compassion and kindness. What’s the point if you have a pretty face but no kind heart.

9) If you are feeling lonely in the crowd of the world, it is better to stay happily in the company of books. World may desert you, but books won’t.

10) Sometimes there are some things worth sharing in life and happiness is one of them

Prashant Badiger