My new list of quotes

“Jaise pyar ko paane ke liye ek junoon zaroori hai, waise hi pyar ko nibhaane ke liye bhi ek junoon zaroori hai” – lines from movie “U, Me aur hum”.

This quote is very close to my heart and it inspired me to write more quotes in my blog and hence again I have made an attempt to write some light-hearted, compassionate and inspiring quotes. Hope you all will like it.

1) No one understands the beauty of words better than a writer

2) No matter how swift the e-mails, messengers and SMS’s may be, but nothing competes the charm of an affectionate letter enclosed in a envelope

3) Friendship is only the relation which gives you the freedom to choose your own companion, rest are part and parcel of your life

4) Why it is so easy to get angry on the people you dislike and equally difficult to express your love to the person you adore the most

5) What an irony !! When a girl loves a boy, no one knows about it except the girl. But when a boy loves a girl, the whole world knows about it except the girl.

6) As you need a passion to win your love, you equally need a passion to stay committed to your love.

7) Soul recognizes a soul and that’s why they are called soul mates.

Prashant Badiger


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