Innovative Inventions that are creating a buzz

Hello Friends,

Here I have compiled a list of some informative, offbeat and sensational tech articles that I came across while researching some stories for my upcoming blog post. Hope you all will like this article.

1) Forget batteries !! Now use flashlight powered by the warmth of your hand

Sounds unbelievable !! But it’s true. Ann Makosinski, a 15 years old canadian girl has invented a flashlight that produces light through the warmth of hands. This is really a pathbreaking invention which has created a new sensation in world of technology and science. Ann Makosinski is currently in news for her invention and has submitted her invention at the Google Science Fair.

2) Robocar will now teach maths to pre-school-age kids

A group of US engineering students have taken innovative e-learning to next level by developing a robotic car that will teach spellings and mathematics to children. Earlier developed as a project, this robocar will follow voice commands to instruct kids. According to news sources, this commercial version of this robotic car will also play games like hide and seek. Through this innovative toy, children will be able to gain more interest in mathematics.

3) Now WiFi will let you see people behind walls

In movies, we have seen superheroes using their x-ray powers to spot their enemies behind the walls. Now you can too see people behind the walls by using Wi-Fi signal on your phones. Sounds unbelievable? But yes, it’s possible now. Developed by Dina Katabi, a professor in Massachusetts institute of Technology’s Department of Electrical Engineering, this system will enable us to spot people behind the walls using low-priced WiFi technology. This system is called as “Wi-Vi” and it emits a low powered WiFi signal to detect humans behind the wall.

4) Now create a touch screen on any flat surface

Imagine the future when students will scribble, play games and draw sketches on a wooden table? Now you can see any surface turning into low cost touch screens. A group of researchers from Nanyan technology have developed a system that can transform a whiteboard, wooden table or a glass window into a touch screen surface. This innovative system is creating a lot of buzz in the world of technology and is definitely a big leap.

Prashant Badiger


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