Completing 7 years in world of writing

Who are writer’s best friends? His pen, paper and thoughts – Quote

23rd September is etched in my mind as the most memorable, inspiring and life changing event in my life. God gives man only one destiny and within that destiny he creates a new fortune with his hard work. I was destined to become a writer and I became a writer, an inspiring writer. After completing my graduation in graphic designing, I was slogging like anything to make my fortune in world of creativity. Opportunities were not so encouraging and disappointments too hard to swallow. In the midst of discouraging events, I used to record events in my diary by writing everyday about the experiences that I faced. After completing 1 year as a data processing executive in a web promotion company, I again started my hunt for a job in a graphic designing firm. For four months, I was desperately making rounds of interviews, giving technical tests and showing my creatives to the panel of senior creative directors.

But on 13th September, I got a life changing call from a reputed IT firm – Technosoft Information Techologies regarding a vacancy for position of content writer. Initially, I was reluctant to take this offer as I wanted to make my fortune in designing. But I decided to grab this opportunity so that I can at least stay occupied rather than staying unemployed. I immediately attended the interview on that day itself and gave a technical test. I was assigned the task to write two articles on medical internship in the technical round. For the first time , I got the opportunity to show my creative skills through my words and I did!! But those two articles were the most poorly written articles of my life. I am very thankful to Mr. Lourdino, my team lead to give me an opportunity, despite my flaws. After 10 days, I got the joining call on 23rd September to report as the content writer in Technosoft Information Technologies. After that I never looked back and embarked on the path of writing. With every mistake, I kept on improving slowly and I am still working hard to prove my mettle as a writer. Writing process never stops and a writer keeps on improving with every article, story, blog post he writes. Down the memory lane, there are lot of sweet and bitter experiences in this writing journey, but the ride is really joyful and it hasn’t stopped. It has just begun !!!

I am thankful to my mentors, colleagues, friends and my readers who have encouraged me at every instance with their praising comments. I am really indebted to you all. I hope that god gives me the wisdom & power to come up with good, inspiring and motivational stories.


Back to my writing table

1) The role of a writer is not to say what we all can say, but what we are unable to say.  – Anaïs Nin

How truly said !! We all can write, but it is the writer who pours emotions into his message through his larger than life words. As a individual, I consider myself fortunate and blessed to be a writer who conveys his voice effectively through his words which others are unable to express. Coming back to the point, first of all I want to apologize for not staying active for past 1 month on my blog writing due to my personal priorities. This one month has really been a roller-coaster ride for me. Right from getting my financial problems resolved to tackling my emotional conflicts, the last august month had been a bit exhaustive. But by grace of god, my things have got resolved and I am ready to pen my thoughts on my writing table. Presently I am reading Mario Puzo’s masterpiece – The Godfather and I was so glued to the plot of this crime masterpiece that I can’t afford to keep this book aside until I have completed it. I have returned to my blog writing activity with my new blog post – The Godfather. Rest, I am looking forward to come up with new stories of hope, miracle, love, compassion, humor and life. I have got lot of suggestions from my friends that I should try my hand on writing article close to social issues, politics and other topics. I appreciate the suggestions of my readers and I am keen to change the genre, style of my writing and come up with refreshing articles every month without fail. Below are some new stories that I am planning to write on my word press blog

1) Gopal and the cowherd
2) A Christmas miracle
3) Ben-hur
4) The last leaf

There are more stories running in my mind. I hope that god Ganesha gives me the wisdom, power and blessings to keep my writing work going. Rest, I wish everyone a prosperous ganesh chaturthi and hope all have a great time ahead.
Happy reading
Prashant Badiger

The Godfather – A literary masterpiece by Mario Puzo


Novel – The Godfather
Author – Mario Puzo
Publication date – 1969
Genre – Crime

“Behind every great fortune, there is a crime – Balzac”

“The Godfather” novel is unarguably the best crime novel till date that has stood the test of time and has been hailed as the great masterpiece in the world of literature. Written by Mario Puzo, “The Godfather” revolves around the mafia chief – Don Vito Corleone who passes on his empire’s responsibility to his younger son Michael. Through this novel, Mario Puzo gives you a glimpse in the dark world of crime where every dishonest job is done with honesty and how the kingpins of crime keep law and politicians in their pockets. Inspired by actual events and people during America in 1940’s, Godfather is the journey of a Sicilian boy named vito who moves to America and how the incidents turn him from a ordinary grocery keeper into a mafia kingpin who on one side is a public enemy for the law while on the other side he is the savior or godfather of the innocent, oppressed and poor.

godfather21 al

Fondly called as the ‘godfather’ in the arena of crime, Don Vito Corleone’s world turns upside down when he declines the offer to support illegal narcotics business and this is where other mafia groups come together to bring an end to the legacy of godfather. What rest follows is the series of massacre that leads to assassination attempt on don vito corloene and ruthless murder of his elder son – Sonny Corleone. This time Michael Corleone, the youngest son has to make his own destiny – either lead a happy life with his sweetheart or turn himself into a ruthless avenger and settle score with his adversaries who threaten to wipe out the existence of godfather. Michael ascends on the path of crime, turning himself into a dreadful vendetta for his foes and what price he pays to become the next godfather has been described very exceptionally by author Mario Puzo in his highly bestselling novel – The Godfather.


This novel was adapted for motion picture and was directed by Francis Ford Coppola. Released in 1972, this motion picture bagged several Oscars and was hailed as the best motion picture in world of cinema. Actor Marlon Brando portrayed the title role while Al Pacino played the role of Michael Corleone.

brando 2

No one could have justified the role of godfather with sheer magnificence as Marlon Brando did. He made this character larger than life with powerful performance. This novel became a great inspiration for several filmmakers to make gangster movies like scarface, goodfellas, once upon a time in America, American gangster , satya, dharmatma, company, sarkar and once upon a time in mumbai. Once you have completed reading “The Godfather”, then you should definitely read Hussain Zaidi’s book – Dongri to Dubai.