Back to my writing table

1) The role of a writer is not to say what we all can say, but what we are unable to say.  – Anaïs Nin

How truly said !! We all can write, but it is the writer who pours emotions into his message through his larger than life words. As a individual, I consider myself fortunate and blessed to be a writer who conveys his voice effectively through his words which others are unable to express. Coming back to the point, first of all I want to apologize for not staying active for past 1 month on my blog writing due to my personal priorities. This one month has really been a roller-coaster ride for me. Right from getting my financial problems resolved to tackling my emotional conflicts, the last august month had been a bit exhaustive. But by grace of god, my things have got resolved and I am ready to pen my thoughts on my writing table. Presently I am reading Mario Puzo’s masterpiece – The Godfather and I was so glued to the plot of this crime masterpiece that I can’t afford to keep this book aside until I have completed it. I have returned to my blog writing activity with my new blog post – The Godfather. Rest, I am looking forward to come up with new stories of hope, miracle, love, compassion, humor and life. I have got lot of suggestions from my friends that I should try my hand on writing article close to social issues, politics and other topics. I appreciate the suggestions of my readers and I am keen to change the genre, style of my writing and come up with refreshing articles every month without fail. Below are some new stories that I am planning to write on my word press blog

1) Gopal and the cowherd
2) A Christmas miracle
3) Ben-hur
4) The last leaf

There are more stories running in my mind. I hope that god Ganesha gives me the wisdom, power and blessings to keep my writing work going. Rest, I wish everyone a prosperous ganesh chaturthi and hope all have a great time ahead.
Happy reading
Prashant Badiger


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