Completing 7 years in world of writing

Who are writer’s best friends? His pen, paper and thoughts – Quote

23rd September is etched in my mind as the most memorable, inspiring and life changing event in my life. God gives man only one destiny and within that destiny he creates a new fortune with his hard work. I was destined to become a writer and I became a writer, an inspiring writer. After completing my graduation in graphic designing, I was slogging like anything to make my fortune in world of creativity. Opportunities were not so encouraging and disappointments too hard to swallow. In the midst of discouraging events, I used to record events in my diary by writing everyday about the experiences that I faced. After completing 1 year as a data processing executive in a web promotion company, I again started my hunt for a job in a graphic designing firm. For four months, I was desperately making rounds of interviews, giving technical tests and showing my creatives to the panel of senior creative directors.

But on 13th September, I got a life changing call from a reputed IT firm – Technosoft Information Techologies regarding a vacancy for position of content writer. Initially, I was reluctant to take this offer as I wanted to make my fortune in designing. But I decided to grab this opportunity so that I can at least stay occupied rather than staying unemployed. I immediately attended the interview on that day itself and gave a technical test. I was assigned the task to write two articles on medical internship in the technical round. For the first time , I got the opportunity to show my creative skills through my words and I did!! But those two articles were the most poorly written articles of my life. I am very thankful to Mr. Lourdino, my team lead to give me an opportunity, despite my flaws. After 10 days, I got the joining call on 23rd September to report as the content writer in Technosoft Information Technologies. After that I never looked back and embarked on the path of writing. With every mistake, I kept on improving slowly and I am still working hard to prove my mettle as a writer. Writing process never stops and a writer keeps on improving with every article, story, blog post he writes. Down the memory lane, there are lot of sweet and bitter experiences in this writing journey, but the ride is really joyful and it hasn’t stopped. It has just begun !!!

I am thankful to my mentors, colleagues, friends and my readers who have encouraged me at every instance with their praising comments. I am really indebted to you all. I hope that god gives me the wisdom & power to come up with good, inspiring and motivational stories.


One Reply to “Completing 7 years in world of writing”

  1. Hi prashant the article which you written is inspiring and giving Crystal clear view of your struggling journey and all way now you have became a diamond in world of writers..all the best and keep it up i will happy to read more story from you…

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