2013 – A year worth remembering

Ring out the old, ring in the new,
Ring, happy bells, across the snow:
The year is going, let him go;
Ring out the false, ring in the true.
~Alfred, Lord Tennyson, 1850

The year 2013 was really a great year to treasure, cherish and remember. For some people, 13 number may be unlucky, but for me, it was one great moment which was split up in 365 days.
2013 started off with the smile of my favorite actress – Amanda Seyfried. Her smile is enough to light up my spirits. Here I am listing up the eventful moments of 2013 that made up the year worth remembering

1) Connecting with new people – This was my first resolution to break the ice and communicate with people I was eager to. Communicating with new people not only built my confidence of communication, but it also helped to analyze human nature. The most beautiful moment of my life was to interact with the person I wanted to. I met, I talked and I befriended.

2) Writing 100th blog post – Finally the moment arrived !!! 2013 was a memorable year for me as the long wait to complete 100th article finally ended. It was like striking a century on the wankhede stadium. I am thankful to my god for giving me the wisdom, blessings and patience to embark on the journey of writing and fulfill the wish of completing 100 articles.

3) Joining E-commerce department – Joining E-commerce department in my existing workplace was another welcome change for me. It not only gave me an opportunity to enter a new domain, but also helped me to come out with fresh headlines for diverse products being launched on web.

4) Reading great books of great authors – The year started off by completing reading novel – Dear John which was left pending for a long time since 2011. Due to my personal and professional commitments, I didn’t find time to read this heart warming novel. This was the first full-fledged love story I thoroughly enjoyed after Romeo and Juliet. I appreciate Nicholas Sparks’ writings and his knack to handle sentimental stories in a refreshing way. Seriously, this book made me actually fall in love :). Invisible man, The Godfather, Ben hur and a walk to remember are the books I thoroughly enjoyed. But now I am looking forward to complete Amish Tripathi’s book – Immortals of meluha and Anne Frank – Diary of a young girl in the coming year.

5) Getting my work appreciated at Jehangir Art gallery – Writing an idea for aids awareness campaign was one more challenging experience for me. It not only got a thunderous response, but the ad was also kept for display at Jehangir art gallery. This was my first ad campaign and I felt really proud to be a part of it.

So far, these are some eventful things that happened to me in 2013 and I feel blessed for it. Hope that this journey of success and hope continues in 2014 too.

Prashant Badiger


A Christmas miracle

“With god, everything’s possible” – quote

How true!! When you have faith in god, even a difficult goal or a dream becomes a reality. A prayer to god holds great power to create miracles and this story is also a standing example of faith, hope and miracle and how one Christmas night brings a smile on the face of a poor boy.


Like every kid, seven years old Jack was waiting for the clock to strike twelve so that he could meet Santa Claus and get the dream gifts that he desired this Christmas. Though Jack’s mother had promised him to get a train set this Christmas, but her little salary was unable to fulfill the wishes of her little child. The night was getting chilly and the place around Jack’s home was filled with snow, but there was no sign of Santa anywhere. Gazing through his window glass, Jack was expecting his Santa to arrive soon. Suddenly, his eyes fell upon a white bearded, poor old man who was sitting under a frozen tree, shivering and hungry. His close resemblance to Santa creates a hope in Jack’s heart and within no time, Jack hurries to welcome the poor old man in his home. Assuming him for Santa, Jack welcomes the poor, hungry old man in his home and offers him some food and a quilt to warm up. Realizing his innocence and love for Santa, the old man pretends to get into the role of Santa Claus and entertains the little Jack with joyful stories of Santa. Excited and exhausted, Jack falls to sleep. As the clock strikes twelve, the poor old man leaves Jack’s home, leaving behind lot of blessings for Jack. When Jack awakes next morning, Santa is nowhere in sight. But to his surprise, his room is filled with train set, toys, school bag and chocolates. Jack’s eyes are filled with tears of joy and happiness, realizing that Santa came to his home last night to fulfill his wishes. Though Jack’s mother knew that Santa didn’t exist, but she had no answer for the gifts that were left in her home.

santa claus

Did Santa really come to Jack’s home or it was the miracle of God to bring a smile of happiness on the face of Jack. Sometimes, some questions are best left understood. I had read this story long back in children’s magazine and this short story really touched my heart. With this story, I wish lots of love, hope and happiness to all my readers this Christmas.

Keep Smiling
Prashant Badiger

A walk to remember – An unforgettable classic


Hollywood Motion Picture: A walk to remember
Cast: Shane West, Mandy Moore
Year of Release: 2002
Genre: Romance
Author : Nicholas Sparks

“Love is like a wind, you can’t see it, but you can feel it” – lines from 2002 Hollywood motion picture – A walk to remember

Love is an invisible force which hurls us in the whirlpool of emotions, sensitivity, tears, happiness, separation and joy. No one can escape the force of this love. Some love stories end with happiness while some meet with tragedy. The 2002 motion picture – A Walk to remember is a mix of joy and sorrow. Inspired by a true story, this love story is about two people – Landon Carter and Jamie Sullivan. Both are contrasted in their personalities. Landon is a carefree, mischievous college brat while Jamie is an introvert, shy and god loving girl who believes in volunteering for good causes, reading bible & helping every needy person. Initially, Landon makes fun of Jamie’s coy nature, but one day a school play brings Landon and Jamie together. As Landon starts rehearsing for the play with Jamie, he slowly starts understanding Jamie more deeply and feels that he knew her for ages. The play not only becomes a runaway success, but it also brings Landon closer to Jamie. Initially Jamie is reluctant to befriend Landon, but later she realizes that Landon has changed into a responsible, caring and sensible person. With the passing days, Landon succeeds to win the heart of Jamie, but this time Jamie breaks into tears and tells Landon to stay away from her. Landon finally comes to know that Jamie is suffering from terminal leukemia and has stopped responding to medicines.


“I am scared of not being with you” – lines from movie “A walk to remember”

Love changes a person, it really changes him or her, emotionally and this is what exactly happens with Landon too. Landon decides to fulfill every wish that Jamie cherished for her future. Finally Landon marries Jamie and stands by her till her last days of the life. After 20 years, Landon looks back to his life and realizes that the moment that he shared with Jamie are still fresh and her undying affection, compassion brought the best in him. Really, love is like a wind, you can’t see it, but you can feel the gush. Inspired by a true story, “A walk to remember” is movie adaptation of the novel with the same title penned by author Nicholas sparks. The movie featured Shane West as Landon Carter and Mandy Moore as Jamie Sullivan in the lead roles and this movie adaptation succeeds to capture the emotional spirit of the book. This movie was recommended to me by one of my friends and this movie is truly a mix of joy and sorrow. When you see this movie, you will instantly connect with it.

About the book “A Walk to remember” – This movie is an adaptation of the novel with the same title written by Nicholas Sparks, the popular author of best-selling novel – The Notebook. Published in 1999, this novel was a runaway success and was based on true story of Nicholas Sparks’ sister ‘Danielle Sparks Lewis’ who was very similar to Jamie Sullivan, the female protagonist of the novel. She also carried bible with her and volunteered for good causes by helping orphans and rescuing stray animals and birds. Nicholas Sparks’ sister died of cancer in 2000 and this book was a testimony of a brother’s undying love for his beloved sister who had few days to live. The story of the novel was set during 1958 while the movie was contemporary and was set during 1998.


“There are moments when I wish I could roll back the clock and take all the sadness away, but I have the feeling that if I did, the joy would be gone as well.” – lines from book ‘A Walk to remember” written by Nicholas Sparks

After “Dear John”, this movie has become my favorite ones because somewhere I feel that someone’s presence has brought a big change in me, intellectually and emotionally. I am not the person, I used to be. Though our natures are diverse, I feel that someday the person will reciprocate to my feelings. Even if we are not destined to come together, I will happy to cherish the moments that I spent with her. It will be a love to remember, a smile to remember that gave a new lease to my life.


If you loved really someone in your life, then you should definitely see this movie. After a long time, I have tried to pen down an emotional blog post that is very close to my heart and a story which is worth remembering. Once you have enjoyed seeing this movie, also checkout watching “Message in a bottle”, “The last song”, “The Notebook”, “P.S I Love you” & “Dear John”.

Prashant Badiger