A Christmas miracle

“With god, everything’s possible” – quote

How true!! When you have faith in god, even a difficult goal or a dream becomes a reality. A prayer to god holds great power to create miracles and this story is also a standing example of faith, hope and miracle and how one Christmas night brings a smile on the face of a poor boy.


Like every kid, seven years old Jack was waiting for the clock to strike twelve so that he could meet Santa Claus and get the dream gifts that he desired this Christmas. Though Jack’s mother had promised him to get a train set this Christmas, but her little salary was unable to fulfill the wishes of her little child. The night was getting chilly and the place around Jack’s home was filled with snow, but there was no sign of Santa anywhere. Gazing through his window glass, Jack was expecting his Santa to arrive soon. Suddenly, his eyes fell upon a white bearded, poor old man who was sitting under a frozen tree, shivering and hungry. His close resemblance to Santa creates a hope in Jack’s heart and within no time, Jack hurries to welcome the poor old man in his home. Assuming him for Santa, Jack welcomes the poor, hungry old man in his home and offers him some food and a quilt to warm up. Realizing his innocence and love for Santa, the old man pretends to get into the role of Santa Claus and entertains the little Jack with joyful stories of Santa. Excited and exhausted, Jack falls to sleep. As the clock strikes twelve, the poor old man leaves Jack’s home, leaving behind lot of blessings for Jack. When Jack awakes next morning, Santa is nowhere in sight. But to his surprise, his room is filled with train set, toys, school bag and chocolates. Jack’s eyes are filled with tears of joy and happiness, realizing that Santa came to his home last night to fulfill his wishes. Though Jack’s mother knew that Santa didn’t exist, but she had no answer for the gifts that were left in her home.

santa claus

Did Santa really come to Jack’s home or it was the miracle of God to bring a smile of happiness on the face of Jack. Sometimes, some questions are best left understood. I had read this story long back in children’s magazine and this short story really touched my heart. With this story, I wish lots of love, hope and happiness to all my readers this Christmas.

Keep Smiling
Prashant Badiger


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