Far from the madding crowd – An emotional agony of a struggling person

Every morning I step out from home to my office, I get surrounded by the screeching, screaming, chaotic crowd in public transport. The moment I step in my office, I am ready to swallow the poison of insult, criticism and harsh comments made by the heartless, scowling boss who is hardly aware of my hidden creativity. I, the pity, melancholic human swallow this poison like lord Shiva. After undergoing 8 + hrs of duty, I am back home to face the domestic situations of my life – paying the pending bills, keeping track of my kid’s studies, clashing with my spouse and fulfilling all the expectations of people around me.

No matter how hard I try to resolve the complexities of my life, more it gets complicated. The complexities of life chase me down at every instance, deafening me and disconnecting me from my beloved happiness. The only solace and peace I need is my company. My inner peace and solitude is no less than God who comforts me like my mother. I don’t have any expectations from anyone as excessive expectations from someone leads to heartbreaking disappointments. I want to stay in an island, far from the madding crowd where time stands still and there is no heartbreaking race to follow my dreams or face the nerve wrecking criticism of the crowded world. Will I able to find that divine peace? The answers are yet to be searched. May be sooner or later, I will succeed to disconnect myself from this madding crowd. Amen.

Through this article, I have tried to present the agony, cry and emotion of a struggling person who is deprived of happiness, success and love in his life. The struggling person can be anyone – a laborer, office employee, a single working mother, cancer stricken patient, heartbroken lover, defeated player, wounded soldier, handicap child, childless mother, visually impaired person or an orphan whose eyes are always searching for an unconditional love. By writing this article, I somewhere feel that I am also in this group of disheartened people, searching for my deserved happiness. Hope god either gives us our deserved happiness unconditionally or grants us the strength to face this maddening crowd of world with determination and courage. I expect that somewhere you all will connect with it.

Struggling person


7 Replies to “Far from the madding crowd – An emotional agony of a struggling person”

  1. Writing this article required lot of emotions, sensitivity to express the agony of a struggling, common man and somewhere I feel that succeeded in expressing it because I am one of them. R.K.Narayan’s article inspired me to write this post and there are some of my personal experiences that helped to shape this article in a proper flow. “Far from the madding crowd” is the title of one of thomas hardy’s novels and I picked this title to make it relevant to my thought.

  2. Prashant I think this story is of your own. But dont get disharted. As there are negatives so as there are positives also. So always be positive and live your day as it is your last day of life..enjoy every moment and dont care of others..article is good but the story is not good for health…so be happy and keep going

    1. Prashant, esteemed young friend : 24 December 2014

      Delighted to see you back in action.

      Keep up your writing. I enjoy your blog.

      Best wishes and regards, as always,

      Jay Bhattacharjee

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