My list of quotes Part 3

In the midst of neck wrecking work schedule, I have found time to pour out some of my thoughts in form of quotes which have substance of love, life, emotions and friendship. Hope you will all love this quotes

Sometimes winning someone’s affection gives you a feeling that you have won the world

Never forget two things in your life : your struggling days and your old, true friends who helped you during your bad days

Books are treasure for lifetime

People may desert you, but books won’t. They are your true friends in whom you can find a great solace of compassion

Sometimes we lose out the affection of our loved people by impressing the people who hardly bother about us. But at the end of the day, the affection of our loved ones brings us back to them

How ironical is this feeling that it is so easy to get angry on the people we dislike and so difficult to express our love to the person we adore so much

Prashant Badiger


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