Has social networking really disconnected us?

“Sometimes the greatest journey in the world is the distance between two people” – Quote

This quote is so close to my heart that I always include it somewhere in my articles. How truly said!! The greatest journey in the world is between two people, two hearts. Feelings connect people, not the social networking websites. Gone were the days when people flocked to call their closed ones on public phones and conveyed their whereabouts and feelings. Letters enclosed in the envelope had their own charm which would bring tears in the eyes of mother after reading the letter of her son deployed in LOC. Even the letters of affection strengthened the bond between buddies and lovers. Everyone had time for everyone in both happy and sad days.

The concept of staying connected through Faceboook made Mark Zuckerberg a household name in world of technology. Sharing status updates, changing profile pictures, commenting on social issues, wishing friends on their birthdays became a fad, an important daily activity more crucial than checking daily work status or reading newspapers. Social networking websites like FB and Twitter may have brought people together but somewhere the personal and heartfelt bonding is diminishing day by day. Through social networking websites, you may have 200 friends in your group, but what is the point of having 200 friends when not a single one turns up to help you during your crucial, tough times. My purpose of writing this article is not blaming the social networking activities, but highlighting the over excessive disadvantages that is disconnecting us from our true friends and most important person – we, ourselves.

Even mobile chatting apps like whatsapp, Viber, Wechat are not far behind. Such chatting applications may have brought people together virtually, but not personally. Nowadays 99% of people prefer to convey wishes to their friends via social networking websites or mobile chatting platforms. Time has become such a valuable commodity in today’s fast moving world that people want to stay connected virtually, but not personally. Social networking has become an addiction, an activity more essential than any other task of our day. Unfortunately, I am also one among the crowd who may be connected virtually, but has lost the human touch to share his happiness personally with his friends. So, friends, just take a time out from your social networking websites to stay actually connected to your friends personally and let them know that you will be always available to them during their time of happiness and sorrow.

Take a time out to read good books, enjoy the beauty of nature, spend a quality time with your family, groove to melodious music and enjoy every moment of your life instead of making social networks your actual world. At the end of the day, it is feeling and compassion that connects people, not the social networking websites. Hope this article connects with you 🙂

Prashant badiger


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