Have people lost interest in reading books?

“A room without books is like body without soul” – Quote

In today’s Facebook driven world, people have hardly left any time for reading books. Gone are the times when people spent equal amount of attention and time to read books and enrich their mind with inspiring thoughts & moral stories. But with the advent of social networking boom, books have taken a backseat. Apart from social networking etiquette, changing trends, workaholic lifestyle, rave parties have influenced people so much that they have completely lost their interest in reading books. Nowadays people are more interested to reading status updates on social networking channels rather than picking a good book to enrich their knowledge.

Though technology may have introduced tablets, e-reader to make reading sophisticated, but the real joy lies in holding a paperback filled with 200 pages. I am neither against social networking activities, changing trends nor on stylish gadgets. Through this article, I want to stress on the importance of books in our life and how they have shaped our lives for generations. Whenever I visit a local bookstore, I am happy to see that are still people who have fondness for reading and love to pick the books that belong to their interest.

As a writer, I have a dream to publish a book that will find a place in the hearts of readers. For now I am constantly writing stories on my blog and always see to that the ideas are read by people. Through my stories, I hope that people will find some quality time for reading and this habit will cultivate an interest for reading books. No matter how alone you may be, books will be your perfect companion in a long run. At some instance, friends may ignore and desert you, but books will be always with you. Whenever I feel isolated, I pick up a book randomly from my bookshelf and enter a new world where I meet wonderful characters and these characters are more close to my heart compared to the people in the real world. A writer is no less than a magician who creates a new world from his imagination and takes you to the world of fantasy where you will find nothing but happiness.

Through this article, I have taken an effort to encourage reading. Be it magazines, novels, or comics, every piece of paper within it is valuable, filling our mind with wonderful ideas and thoughts. So, do take a timeout from your busy schedule to pick up a book and immerse yourself in leisure reading. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed.

Prashant Badiger


Smile – An expression of happiness

jess smile

“Today, give a stranger one of your smiles. It might be the only sunshine he sees all day. – Quote

This quote holds a special place in my heart and is so true that if you greet someone with a smile on the start of the day, he or she will definitely feel a positive vibe throughout the day. Happiness connects people and a smile is a form of happiness,an invisible energy that establishes a bonding between two strangers. If you noticed the photograph or statue of Lord Krishna, you will notice that lord Krishna is always cheerful, ready to offer his blessings to his devotees. Smile is a divine expression, an emotion created by God to help spread cheerfulness, unity and love in the universe.
Smile is such a miraculous emotion that it can melt down even the heart of stone-hearted people.

The foundation of every new relationship is built on the brick of smile.But nowadays due to growing competition, stress and nerve wrecking challenges, today’s human being has lost the charm of happiness on his face and appears more grumpy, stressed and cynical. It is true that we can’t escape stress and worries in our life but we can at least take an effort to control our stressful emotions by staying happy and smiling. If you feel happiness within you, you will automatically discover happiness around you.

Among all smiles, the smile of a baby has essence of innocence, love, sincerity & compassion and through its smile the baby rules the home as if it is the uncrowned ruler of its world. According to old sayings, a shopkeeper cannot be a successful shopkeeper if he can’t welcome his customers with a sincere smile.

“Smiling is infectious,
You can catch it like the flu.
Someone smiled at me today,
And I started smiling too.”

If your warm, cheerful attitude can bring a smile on a nervous soul, then you have definitely done an act of kindness in your life. Orphans, handicapped people, old aged citizens are the one who deprived of happiness in their lives. So, take a time out to show a genuine and sincere interest in helping such people through your kindness. If you can’t help, even a kind, sincere smile will indicate that you show a concern and support towards them.

“Smile. It is the second best thing that you can do with your lips” – Quote.

Smile is synonymous to happiness, cheerfulness and so don’t forget to smile because you may never know who is falling in love with your smile 🙂

After a long span of 1 month I have taken a small effort to write an article on the value of emotion called ‘smile’ and I hope this article definitely bring a smile on your face.

Keep Smiling
Prashant Badiger