Oliver Twist – An unforgettable classic by Charles Dickens

Scene from the novel - Oliver Twist written by Charles Dickens
Scene from the novel – Oliver Twist written by Charles Dickens

Novel Title : Oliver Twist or the parish boy’s progress
Author : Charles Dickens
Publication Date : 1837

There is an agony, dark humor, melancholy in writings of English author Charles dickens which instantly connects with readers in just one go. Several american authors inspired me to become a writer and Charles Dickens is one of them whose writings highlighted the corruption happening in the society through his story and larger than life characters like David Copperfield, Nicholas Nickleby and Oliver Twist. The characters created by Charles Dickens were orphan boys, deprived of love, sympathy and more subjected to poverty, sufferings, loneliness and heart breaking sorrows. Charles Dickens’ classic novel – Oliver Twist is centered around a poor, orphan boy named Oliver who is deprived of mother’s love the moment he is born. Oliver’s childhood is spent working in warehouses, suffering taunts, scoldings and criticisms inflicted by the harsh world. But a twist of destiny brings Oliver to a gang of pick pockets headed by a notorious criminal named Fagins who trains the innocent Oliver to become a pick pocket. When little Oliver realizes that he is trapped in criminal activities, Oliver escapes from the gang and this is where his struggle to search his true identity begins and how he succeeds to lead a noble life has been skillfully written by Charles Dickens in the novel – Oliver Twist.

Poster from the 2005 movie "Oliver Twist"
Poster from the 2005 movie “Oliver Twist”

There are several supporting characters in this novel who play a significant role in helping Oliver to connect with his family and trace the whereabouts of his mother who died while giving birth to him. Filled with tragic moments, suspense, romance, action, Oliver Twist is an entertaining novel which keeps you hooked right from its first page till the thrilling climax. Through this novel, Charles Dickens highlighted the evils of human trafficking in the society and how criminals transformed kids into cunning pickpockets. This novel was adapted into motion picture several times by Hollywood directors and Roman Polanski’s 2005 adaptation is considered as the best adaptation which succeeds to capture the spirit of the novel. If you enjoyed reading Oliver Twist, then you should definitely read David Copperfield, Great Expectations, Nicholas Nickleby and Christmas Carol.

Prashant Badiger