Great Expectations – A literary masterpiece

Novel Title – Great Expectations
Publication Year – 1861
Author – Charles Dickens


“Too much expectations leads to too much disappointments” – Quote

How truly said !! More we expect, more we are bound to face disappointments in our life. No matter what circumstances may come in life, the human race never stops hoping and expecting. Charles Dickens’ epic novel – Great expectations is about expectations, hopes and desires and how a stroke of luck changes the destiny of a blacksmith apprentice and makes his every expectations come true. Like everyone, poor pip has lots of hopes with his life and craves to lead life of luxury and happiness. Staying in the shelter of his nagging sister, pip has no one to support him except his brother-in-law – Joe Gargery.

The 2016 movie fitoor is Bollywood adaptation of Charles dickens' novel - great expectations

But one day little pip comes face to face with a criminal who forces him to offer some food and tools so that he can free himself from the bars. Even though little pip offers food and tools to the criminal, he is unsuccessful in hiding the criminal from the public eye. Though the criminal is arrested, he is happy that atleast little pip offered him some sympathy & kindness . As the time passes, suddenly young pip is offered all the luxuries by a unknown benefactor who takes the responsibility of transforming poor pip into a prosperous gentleman, full of wealth and privilege. This unexpected twist of destiny turns pip into a flamboyant aristocrat and with power of wealth in his pocket, pip craves to make his every dream come true. But one fateful day, pip meets his secret benefactor and receives a great shock discovering that he has to pay a heavy price to make his expectations come true. Who is this secret benefactor and how is he related to pip? Does pip succeeds in fulfilling his dreams? What heavy price does pip has to pay to make his expectations come true? Pip’s life is surrounded by many characters which comprise his kind brother-in-law Joe, the eccentric old lady Miss havisham, ruthless criminal, the mysterious benefactor and his cold hearted, insensitive love interest – Estella.

A pic of author Charles dickens

The premise of the story is set during the first quarter of 19th century and through Pip, the lead protagonist of the novel, Charles Dickens highlights on the ruthlessness of the artistocratic community towards the poor peasants and how wealth can corrupt the mind of a kind hearted man like Pip. Through this article, I have tried to showcase the story of great expectations and throw a light on writings of the great author – Charles Dickens. If you are fed up of reading stereo-typed romantic stories and cheap thrillers, then I recommend you to give it a try on reading this unconventional classic which has a substance of compassion and will surely enlighten you after you have completed reading this book. Once you have completed reading this book, then you should also read “Oliver Twist”, “David Copperfield”, “A tale of two cities” which are counted as the best works of Charles Dickens.

Prashant Badiger


2 States – A light hearted take on intercommunity marriages

Novel Title : 2 States
Author : Chetan Bhagat
Year of publication : 2009
Genre : Romance

Poster of the movie - 2 States
Poster of the movie – 2 States

“Destiny connects people, feelings bring them together. If two people are destined to stay together, they will definitely meet no matter how far their worlds may be.” – Quote

There is a old saying that marriages are made in heaven. If soulmates are destined to be together even before they are born on earth then why the hell parents have so much problems on inter-case marriage. If William Shakespeare had read ‘2 states’ during his time then romeo and juliet’s climax would have been happy.

Phase 1 of intercommunity marriage : Falling in love
My world changed the moment when I saw my sweetheart ‘Ananya’ in IIM Ahmedabad. She was a tamil brahmin and I belonged to a punjabi community. Though we became fast friends, I had no interest in being her friend. (Honestly how can I resist my hormonal feelings with a girl who is perfect in every sense – her long straight hair, strawberry lips etc…  ) Though I was helping her in economics ( some economical theories called ‘utility curve) Seriously I was only interested in her curves  When you are in love, the greatest battle starts between your heart and mind because heart takes time to accept what mind already knows. So it was the time to ignore her and stay far away from her as much as I can.

“Pretty girls behave best when you ignore them. But they must know that you are ignoring them” otherwise they will never know that you ever existed”

My ignorance formula worked to woo ananya. We realized love for each other. We were committed. We were qualified. We were financially independent. Is it happy ending like a bollywood hindi movie?

2 stts

Phase 2 of intercommunity marriage – Now the really tough phase comes to convince your parents that you love your soulmate. Here is where the biggest challenge comes. When it comes to emotionally blackmailing their kids, mummies are always the best. They pretend to fall sick, pressurising you to change your decision. So it is up to us to either run away with our soulmate or quietly marry the kudi of our parents’ choice. For my mummy, ‘ananya’ was ‘anyay’ (an injustice) on her. Winning your love may be easy, but winning the love of your soulmate’s parents is totally a tough game. 99% of inter-caste love are always opposed by parents and my love story was not different from it. So how and I ananya succeed in winning the trust of our in-laws is best to be read in the novel – 2 states. If you have falled in love and about to fall in love, make sure that you get the full biodata of your in-laws.

Statuory warning : Falling in love is injurious to health. To avoid any heartbreaks, please follow your mummy’s advice and opt for a happy arranged marriage.

Krish Malhotra