Missing the action – One Month Without Blog Writing

Dear Friends,

It has been a one long month since I wrote my last article – The great expectations. Seriously after writing that story, I had got so engaged in my professional commitments that I hardly got time to work on new stories. The detachment from writing is really unbearable because my writing is my voice that connects to millions of people without moving from my place. Personally, one thing that I learnt in this one month is that my books are my true, faithful friends because they have always stood with me during my testing times. In this span of one month, I realized that more you try to help and care about people, more you are ignored and humiliated. Personally, I have to gone through this heartbreaking phase in this one month and it took me weeks to recuperate from this unfavorable incident. But now I have decided that I will be less vocal towards conveying my feelings with people around me. Anyways, no hard feelings. Every bad experience is an eye opening experience and this situation has given me the right vision to focus towards my writing which I had missed for a very long time.

“Writing is such a process of self-discovery that I could not wait till morning, I wanted to know what I was going to say” – quote

Writing is indeed a process of self-discovery and I am keen to write fresh, light-hearted, inspiring and entertaining stories in this coming time. Right now I am planning to write an article on P.S I love you – a novel written by Cecila Ahern and complete the pending stories which are still running in my thought process and are dying to come out on paper. Writing is action which I do through my words. Writing is painting which I paint through my words. Writing is music where every word for me is like a musical note which creates a new melody of compassion and inspiration in every story. So, friends I just want to say that please do take out time to pick a book and lose yourself in a new world of imagination. Trust me, nothing is blissful than reading. And most importantly, don’t expect too much and care too much about people who ignore you. Take out time to pay attention to the people who really love you from the bottom of their heart. You all love me and your love always reflects through your mails, comments, verbal appreciations and I really expect that from you all. Now it is the time for me to roll my sleeves and get into action writing. Wish me luck.

Happy Reading
Prashant Badiger


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