Something about music and melody

“Music is food for the soul” – Quote

Truly said !! As food keeps our body energized and moving, music keeps our soul and mind energized and moving. Music is synonymous with freshness, positivity, happiness and energy. There is such a supreme peace in this music that it is effective enough to cure diseases, heartbreaking stress and infuse a dynamic energy within your body.

Especially creative people like writers, designers, painters need music as a stimulant to arouse creativity in their mind so that they can bring some melody in their work.
Especially as a writer, I feel that my keyboard is like a piano where I try to bring melody of joy and fun in my writings through words which are no less similar than musical notes. Whatever may be your profession, music plays a significant role in connecting you to happiness, joy and rejuvenation. Whether you love classical music, jazz, rock, rap or instrumental music, make sure that you have made music as a integral part of your life.

“Music washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life. -Berthold Auerbach”

Music is a divine water which washes off the dust of stress, tiredness and fatigue from our mind which is tormented by stressful challenges, hard professional commitments and chaotic situations. Gone are the days when people used to tune to vividh bharati to enjoy old melodious songs from Hindi movies. Even though television, tablets and I-pods are giving us countless options to stay tuned to music, but people’s first love is always radio where they enjoy old as new melodies on upcoming radio stations like 91.1 , 93.5 Red Fm, 98.3 etc through their mobile handsets. As a child, I grew up listening to Bollywood music on vividh bharati and really waking up to the tunes of songs made my day. From transistors, taperecorder, I-Pods to online music channels, the medium has undergone several changes, but music is always there to inspire, rejuvenate, energize and recharge our mind and body. So, set a time aside for music and switch to melody mode. Trust me, your day will be definitely rocking.

The inspiration for this article came to me while I was listening to the song ‘Hangover’ sung by salman khan from movie ‘Kick’. So in someway I got a ‘kick’ or inspiration to write this article on music. Hope you all will comment on this article.
So stay connected to music and music will keep you connected to happiness.

Thanks and Regards
Prashant Badiger


Lincoln – The Sixteenth President


What is the strange charisma about this sixteenth president of United States of America that even after 149 years his words, works still inspire young leaders and the current president – Barack Obama. His life was a institution in its own, a journey that he walked on the road full of thorns of heartbreaking failures, personal losses and discouraging incidents. He was none other than Abraham Lincoln whose leadership united a divided nation which was suppressed by slavery. Born in a small log cabin on Feb 12th 1809, Lincoln never knew what destiny had kept in store for him. He was the only president who didn’t had a formal education for less than a year and had to do many odd jobs in his childhood. Though he had a strained relationship with his father Thomas, it was his step mother who encouraged him to read and exposed his mind to several books like Bible, Arabian nights, Pilgrim progress. His journey from a lawyer to becoming presidency was not an easy road.

young lincoln

He suffered many personal losses right from losing his mother due to milk sickness to enduring the untimely death of his sweet heart and the demise of two children – Eddie and William. Right from his childhood, he opposed slavery and had personally witnessed the sale of African slaves in a market. He faced several criticisms from several political parties who were against his policies of abolishing slavery and thus United States marched on to the great civil war. Putting an end to civil war and abolition of slavery were two herculean tasks which Lincoln had to accomplish. Lincoln’s government not only succeeded in putting an end to civil war but also brought an end to slavery.


But the eventful life was Lincoln was tragically cut short on April 14, 1865 in Ford’s Theatre. Lincoln was shot down by John Wilkes Booth, a well-known stage actor. John Wilkes Booth was always against Lincoln’s policies of abolition of slavery and thus an assassination plot was made by Booth and his associates.


Lincoln was the first president of America to be assassinated. Though the assassination brought an end to life of this great leader, but his life, works, speeches and letters continue to inspire countless youngsters and I am one of them.

Movies on Lincoln : Lincoln’s life was brought alive on silver screen by several hollywood movie producers and the recent one was Steven Spielberg’s movie – Lincoln released in 2012. The role of Lincoln was played by Daniel Day Lewis in this movie and he even bagged an Oscar for portraying Lincoln. If you want to see a biopic on Lincoln, then the 2012 motion picture is really worth a watch.


This article is just a small attempt to pay tribute to this great president whose still lives in our heart.

Prashant Badiger

Hachiko : A dog’s story

Hachiko 4

The legend of a dog named hachiko became a inspiration, a testament of unconditional affection and loyalty for the mankind. Could you wait for your love for heartbreaking 9 years near a station? You wouldn’t. This dog was so loyal and affectionate towards it master that it waited for 9 long years near Shibuya Station (Tokyo) hoping for the return of its master, who unfortunately died because of cerebral hemorrhage.

Actual photo of Hachiko and its master
Actual photo of Hachiko and its master

Bonding between the professor and hachiko : This inspiring story dates back to 1924 in Tokyo where Hidesaburō Ueno, a professor in agricultural department found this dog near a station. Though the professor made several attempts to find the owner of the dog, but no one turned up to claim this dog. But during this period, Ueno formed a strong bond with this cute, little dog whom he named ‘Hachiko’. ‘Hachiko’ was like a companion, guardian and more than a family member for professor Ueno. This golden brown dog accompanied his master to Shibuya Station and waited for him till he arrived at station to head back to home. It used to greet him everday while he left for his work by train. This dog used to hop, leap and run with joy the moment it saw its master.

But one fateful day on May 1925, professor ueno passed away untimely due to cerebral hemorrhage and never returned. Cluless about the death of its master, this faithful dog waited for 9 long years at Shibuya station to get a glimpse for the return of its master. The presence of ‘Hachiko’ dog started generating a curiosity among the commuters. Finally one day, one of Ueno’s student followed this dog to the residence of the professor and this is where he came to know about the origin of hachiko. Later this student of professor Uneo published an article on Hachiko. The story became a spotlight and ‘hachiko’ became a household name, an icon in Japan.

End of Hachiko : Hachiko breathed his last on March 8, 1935 on a street in Shibuya. According to medical experts, hachiko died due to terminal cancer. In today’s heartless world, where humans are stonehearted towards humans, a dog’s unconditional affection and loyalty towards its master became a eye opening lesson for human race. A statue of Hachiko was erected at Shibuya Station in memory of this dog and his master with a view to make the world familiar about this story of Hachiko.

Adaptations : Story of Hachiko became a inspiring plot for hollywood filmmakers and the story of hachiko was made into a movie – hachiko in 1987 and was again made into a motion picture in 2009 starring Richard Gere.

Poster of the movie - Hachiko starring Richard Gere
Poster of the movie – Hachiko starring Richard Gere

There won’t be a single person who won’t feel a moistness in his eyes after reading this story of Hachiko. Hoping to receive the feedback about your feelings for Hachiko.

Prashant Badiger