Lincoln – The Sixteenth President


What is the strange charisma about this sixteenth president of United States of America that even after 149 years his words, works still inspire young leaders and the current president – Barack Obama. His life was a institution in its own, a journey that he walked on the road full of thorns of heartbreaking failures, personal losses and discouraging incidents. He was none other than Abraham Lincoln whose leadership united a divided nation which was suppressed by slavery. Born in a small log cabin on Feb 12th 1809, Lincoln never knew what destiny had kept in store for him. He was the only president who didn’t had a formal education for less than a year and had to do many odd jobs in his childhood. Though he had a strained relationship with his father Thomas, it was his step mother who encouraged him to read and exposed his mind to several books like Bible, Arabian nights, Pilgrim progress. His journey from a lawyer to becoming presidency was not an easy road.

young lincoln

He suffered many personal losses right from losing his mother due to milk sickness to enduring the untimely death of his sweet heart and the demise of two children – Eddie and William. Right from his childhood, he opposed slavery and had personally witnessed the sale of African slaves in a market. He faced several criticisms from several political parties who were against his policies of abolishing slavery and thus United States marched on to the great civil war. Putting an end to civil war and abolition of slavery were two herculean tasks which Lincoln had to accomplish. Lincoln’s government not only succeeded in putting an end to civil war but also brought an end to slavery.


But the eventful life was Lincoln was tragically cut short on April 14, 1865 in Ford’s Theatre. Lincoln was shot down by John Wilkes Booth, a well-known stage actor. John Wilkes Booth was always against Lincoln’s policies of abolition of slavery and thus an assassination plot was made by Booth and his associates.


Lincoln was the first president of America to be assassinated. Though the assassination brought an end to life of this great leader, but his life, works, speeches and letters continue to inspire countless youngsters and I am one of them.

Movies on Lincoln : Lincoln’s life was brought alive on silver screen by several hollywood movie producers and the recent one was Steven Spielberg’s movie – Lincoln released in 2012. The role of Lincoln was played by Daniel Day Lewis in this movie and he even bagged an Oscar for portraying Lincoln. If you want to see a biopic on Lincoln, then the 2012 motion picture is really worth a watch.


This article is just a small attempt to pay tribute to this great president whose still lives in our heart.

Prashant Badiger


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