Something about music and melody

“Music is food for the soul” – Quote

Truly said !! As food keeps our body energized and moving, music keeps our soul and mind energized and moving. Music is synonymous with freshness, positivity, happiness and energy. There is such a supreme peace in this music that it is effective enough to cure diseases, heartbreaking stress and infuse a dynamic energy within your body.

Especially creative people like writers, designers, painters need music as a stimulant to arouse creativity in their mind so that they can bring some melody in their work.
Especially as a writer, I feel that my keyboard is like a piano where I try to bring melody of joy and fun in my writings through words which are no less similar than musical notes. Whatever may be your profession, music plays a significant role in connecting you to happiness, joy and rejuvenation. Whether you love classical music, jazz, rock, rap or instrumental music, make sure that you have made music as a integral part of your life.

“Music washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life. -Berthold Auerbach”

Music is a divine water which washes off the dust of stress, tiredness and fatigue from our mind which is tormented by stressful challenges, hard professional commitments and chaotic situations. Gone are the days when people used to tune to vividh bharati to enjoy old melodious songs from Hindi movies. Even though television, tablets and I-pods are giving us countless options to stay tuned to music, but people’s first love is always radio where they enjoy old as new melodies on upcoming radio stations like 91.1 , 93.5 Red Fm, 98.3 etc through their mobile handsets. As a child, I grew up listening to Bollywood music on vividh bharati and really waking up to the tunes of songs made my day. From transistors, taperecorder, I-Pods to online music channels, the medium has undergone several changes, but music is always there to inspire, rejuvenate, energize and recharge our mind and body. So, set a time aside for music and switch to melody mode. Trust me, your day will be definitely rocking.

The inspiration for this article came to me while I was listening to the song ‘Hangover’ sung by salman khan from movie ‘Kick’. So in someway I got a ‘kick’ or inspiration to write this article on music. Hope you all will comment on this article.
So stay connected to music and music will keep you connected to happiness.

Thanks and Regards
Prashant Badiger


3 Replies to “Something about music and melody”

  1. Prashant you have remind me those days of Vividh Bharati..the late night old melodies…like only for lovebirds..or depressed people quickly refreshes their moods….thanks budddy..also u have written very well. Keep it up

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