How writing can help you overcome stress?


Can writing really help me overcome stress? How is it possible? Sounds strange !! Isn’t it !! These are the questions that may be running in your mind about usage of writing as a healing technique to drive away worries. Yes, indeed writing can help you drive away stress, loneliness, fatigue, uncertain worries and doubtful fears. Today’s heartbreaking struggles, competitive chase for success has given rise to fatiguing stress, depressive worries followed by health problems like diabetes and blood pressure. So whether you are concerned about your job’s stability or heartbroken by a girl’s rejection, just stop thinking about the chaotic thoughts for a while. Just take a pen and a notepad and fill out all your feelings on the paper. Consider the paper as your therapist and pour out everything that is bothering you – the problems of your everyday life. Once you have written all your stressful feelings on the paper, keep the notepad in your cupboard. After a week, have a glance at the notepad where you had written all your feelings on the paper. Compare your present situation with the day when you were upset. Within no time, you will realize that the intensity of the problem which was boiling up like a milk has finally lowered down.

We, human being don’t have control over the unexpected, complex circumstances happening in our life, but we can learn to react positively and calmly to the situation we are facing. Make sure that you keep a habit of diary writing to record your thoughts on daily basis as this writing process will help you to know more about yourself and enable you to become aware of your flaws and hidden qualities you were unaware of. Instead of improving the world, let’s take an initiative to improve ourselves by writing down our feelings and share it within us. Hope this article was useful to you.Please share your thoughts and feelings about this article.

Happy Writing
Prashant Badiger


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