My ideas and thoughts on short stories

There is never a single day in my life where I have skipped reading a book. Every week I take a timeout to enlighten my mind with one short story. The recent short story that I read was written by Avery Taylor and the title of short story was “Remember the roses”. It was a supernatural story with a touch of romance and suspense. It is story about how a ghost guides a soldier to rescue his imprisoned friend. Tightly gripped with curiosity, the story kept me engrossed till the surprising ending where the soldier comes to know about the true identity of the ghost. This short story had the sheer power to hypnotize me with its characters and the unfolding situations within a short span. If full length stories have their charisma to entertain you, then short stories leave a long-lasting impact in your heart. According to me, it’s a challenge to write a short story because it gives you a challenge to create memorable characters, engrossing plot and a powerful climax within a short span.

Especially, writers like Thomas Hardy, R.K.Narayan, O.Henry, H.H.Munro, Ruskin Bond had a unique craft in their writing skills to write simple yet memorable short stories. My bookshelf is graced and blessed with books of great author like R.K.Narayan whose classic short stories “Malgudi Days” is hailed as one of the great masterpiece in world of literature.

A humorous illustration by R.K.Laxman for Malgudi Days
A humorous illustration by R.K.Laxman for Malgudi Days

Every short story in Malgudi days has a touch of simplicity and revolves around the lives of common people we see in our everyday life and this is where lies the USP of this book. Similarly, Thomas Hardy’s short stories – Old Mrs Chundle and Melancholic hussar of german legion is a class in its own.

The stories of Thomas Hardy have a unique charm, a strange melancholy that connects with the reader in just one go. Every author has his own signature in his writing and it clearly reflects in his short story. If you have penchant for short stories, then you should definitely check out short stories written by O Henry, R.K.Narayan, Thomas Hardy, Rabindranath Tagore, Premchand, Sarat Chandra & Leo Tolstoy and Edgar Allan Poe. Even I have cherished a wish to come up with my short story collection someday soon 🙂

Hope you all loved my ideas and thoughts on short stories. Do comment your thoughts on this article.

Happy Reading
Prashant Badiger


3 Replies to “My ideas and thoughts on short stories”

  1. You have an unique writing style too! I am sure one day you will come up with your own book full of inspiring short stories. Keep writing!!

  2. Prashant sir i am doing Ph.D. on RK Narayan and O. Henry short stories your article seems very useful in the direction of my research work if you have any additional information regarding R.K.& O. Henry short stories , i request you to share with me you can contact me on my e mail or mob. thank you. my mob. no. is 8087781317

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