Treat your article like a blockbuster movie

Lights, Camera, Action !!! These three words transform a story into a full length, entertaining blockbuster movie. There is a feel of adrenaline rush in everyone while making a movie. In case of writers, the adrenaline rush is often missing due to writer’s block or lack of time and creativity. It is often a herculean task for a writer to come up with new ideas everyday to convey his thoughts to his readers. In such way, I recommend every aspiring writer to treat his article, blogpost or his upcoming book like a blockbuster movie. No matter how short you are falling of ideas, the excitement of publishing the story will be similar to releasing a new movie on Friday.

Today there are countless social networking sites which are no less than multiplexes for writers to share it to a million viewers online. The urge to connect your ideas to a million readers will give you a refreshing energy automatically to come up with a unique story. This excitement will not only improvise your writing but also give birth to many ideas that were eager to pop out on paper. Like movie producers, you don’t have to wait till Friday to publish it. The moment you have written it, just go through it and within no minute you are ready to publish your article and share it on all leading platforms – Facebook, Twitter, Digg, Stumble upon, Whatsapp, Hike etc.

No matter even if your article doesn’t get the expected response, but the adrenaline rush to convey your ideas will keep your writing process going on. This tip that I am sharing is based on my personal experience because I treat every article or blog post of mine like a blockbuster movie which is ready to hit the screens everyday. So, whatever story you write, imagine yourself are the hero, director, screenplay writer, stunt master and musician. So with your story, you are playing multiple roles at a single time. Frankly, if a writer want to say something from the bottom of his heart, he never falls short of ideas and words. Hope this tip will give a new lease of life to your ideas and motivate to take your story to a whole new level. Your red carpet is ready to be spread, so what are you waiting for? Think, Write and Publish !! The world is eagerly waiting to watch your movie.

Keep Writing, Keep reading
Prashant Badiger


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