Remembering Robin Williams


Actor Robin Williams (July 21, 1951 – August 11, 2014)
Memorable Performances – Mrs Doubtfire, Good Morning Vietnam, Patch Adams, Hook, Dead Poet’s Society, Jack


I regard “Mrs Doubtfire” as one of the memorable roles ever written for any hollywood actor in the world of cinema. No actor would have made it so lively and witty as Robin Williams did. “Mrs Doubtfire” and “Jumanji” are the two movies of Robin Williams that I thoroughly enjoyed. I always had a wish to write one post on “Mrs Doubtfire” movie praising the performance of Robin Williams. His untimely demise on 11th Aug 2014 left me in a state of shock as his lively movies always succeeded to bring smile of faces of countless people in the world. What an irony that Robin who entertained the world with his humour was in fact the most unhappy person battling depression for a long time. He was a great actor, stand up comedian, a loving husband and above all a kind father to his kids. I still remember the joy of watching “Mrs Doubtfire” on Star Movies where Robin Williams transforms himself into an old nanny to look after his kids. What a memorable movie indeed !!


Even his movies were a source of remake for several Bollywood filmmakers. Shahrukh Khan’s role in “Mohabattein” was highly inspired by Robin Williams role in “Dead poet’s society” while his other movie “Patch Adams” was a source of inspiration for “Munnabhai MBBS”. Among all actors, Kamal Hassan succeeded to portray the role of Indian nanny with the same energy in movie – Chachi 420 which Robin Williams had portrayed in “Mrs Doubtfire”.

Robin has left a great wealth of laughter, smiles and cheerfulness through his movies. Though he failed to battle depression, he succeeded to bring a smile on everyone’s face. His legacy will live on. Rest in Robin Williams.

Prashant Badiger


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  1. Zoeb says:

    superb…a short yet justly apt ode to the great acting powers of Robin Williams, who was indeed a terrific actor

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