Completing 5 years of blog writing

writing 1

5 years, 137 articles, 167 comments. I couldn’t ask for more !! Down the memory lane, I never imagined that I would launch a blog and start writing what I really feel.

I received the inspiration of blog writing from a 10 years old girl who wrote variety of stories with sheer maturity and feel on her blog. That’s the moment where I decided to broadcast my thoughts using WordPress as a platform. I never felt the journey would be so joyful, encouraging, inspiring as well as eye-opening. First of all I am thankful to god for giving me the wisdom, knowledge and power to keep my ideas pouring out on paper as well as on MS-Word. Secondly, I am thankful to all my readers from different corners of the world who kept pouring their comments on my articles. For me, every single story of me is special. Every time when I start a new story it gives me the same thrill when I wrote my first article. It was a great experience for me to write my thoughts on “Little Women”, “A walk to remember”, “Best Of me”, “Dear John” and pen the untold saga of patriot Pritilata Waddedar. Though I will keep on blog writing, but my next step would be writing a book. Hope God gives the power, patience to write an inspiring but entertaining book that would be on the book shelf of every reader. A new beginning of my writing is about to begin…..Only time will tell what is kept in store for this struggling writer.

Thanks Everyone
Prashant Badiger