Mardaani – A thought on spirit of courage


The term “Mardaani” symbolizes courage, fearlessness, masculinity, guts and a sense of patriotism in every man and woman to awake from the slumber of letharginess. ‘Mardaani’ was the title conferred to the great rani laxmibai of jhansi who laid her life fighting against the supremacy of british. Though she died, the fragrance of her ashes spread all over the nation, inspiring several freedom fighters like Bina Das, Kalpana Dutta and Pritilata Waddedar. The recently released hindi motion picture – Mardaani revolves around Shivani Shivaji Roy – a cop from Crime Branch whose battle becomes personal when her adopted girl named ‘Pyaari’ is abducted by the human trafficking gang, ran by a mysterious kingpin named ‘Waltz’. The girls are not only abducted, but also forced into flesh trade. Clues by clues brings Shivani more closer to the mysterious kingpin. But the moment she lays her hand on the clues, the fast the witnesses are slain. How Shivani cracks down the case and brings an end to illegal human trafficking has been shown very brilliantly in the movie. The USP of this movie is its raw, realistic treatment on life of cops, their attempts to crack down the case through help of informers. Above all, it is the spirit of their courage, honesty, fearlessness that keeps our city safe from every threat.

Kudos and a standing applause to actress Rani Mukherji for bringing the life a cop in a realistic and convincing way. Movies are reflection of reality and we see what exactly is happening in our lives and society. But after watching a hard-hitting movie we are only motivated to a short extent. After a short span of time, the motivation fades away. If a woman like Shivani can fight against human trafficking, can’t we at least fight for our rights and ideals.

Along with human trafficking, there are several anti-social practices carried out in our city. To end a corruption or bring down an injustice, you don’t need to be a cop. Your courage and action is enough to awake the lethargic souls. Every now and then, a person is miserably crushed by injustice in every walk of life – an office employee insulted by a team leader, senior citizens harassed by corrupt officials, a woman burnt for dowry, a girl molested by her own relative, a new student bullied in college, impact of domestic violence on a child and above all our fear to stand up against every wrong. Let our patriotism and courage be not limited to standing for national anthem in theatres. The moment I finished watching this movie, I knew I had to write on spirit of courage and spirit of ‘Mardaani’. This article is not a review on the movie, it is an awakening call for every one of us to wake from the slumber of idleness and stand up for our rights. Hope you all will connect with this inspiring thought.

Prashant Badiger


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