Back again !!

Hello Friends,

It’s been a month now!! Staying without writing even for a month feels like ages. August was a blessed month for me as I had found time to come up with several stories. But for past 1 month, I had been completely absorbed in my personal priorities, trapped in rush hours of commitments and imprisoned in the prison of disappointments. Phew !! Seriously without God’s grace, I would have gone maniac.
Finally after a span of 1 month, I felt like talking to you all and here I am !! In this span of one month, I found time to explore new stories and connect with new authors. Recently, I was privileged to read an inspiring book – Life is what you make it which is penned by Preeti Shenoy. Presently I am near to the completion of book and I felt very uplifted with the story line of this book which revolves around an ambitious girl whose life goes upside down when she is detected with a mental disorder called ‘Bipolar disorder’. How she triumphs in this battle is best to be read in the book ‘Life is what you make it’. I am presently looking forward to pen my thoughts on this novel in my coming blog post with more details on the story. The second novel I thoroughly enjoyed was ‘Pride and prejudice’ written by Jane Austen. With this book, she had started the trend of romantic comedy in literature. If you love light-hearted romantic stories, then Jane Austen’s books are best for you. Two different authors, two different genres. Both ‘Life is what you make it’ and ‘Pride and prejudice’ explores the complexities of human nature in a different way. So now that I am back in action, I promise to come up with rejuvenating and inspiring stories that will definitely cheer up your mood. This blog post was just an attempt to keep you updated about my activities when I am not writing.

Happy Reading
Prashant Badiger


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