Life is what you make it – An inspiring book by Preeti Shenoy


There is not a single person on earth who is not left untouched by depression. Cut throat competitions, tight work deadlines, challenging projects have seriously dampened the enthusiasm of today’s human race. In the verge to meet day-to-day challenges, our mind is slowly drifting towards instability in terms of health both physically and mentally. According to you what is the exact definition of success? Is success your real life or have you really lost somewhere the real meaning of life – your happiness and your peace of mind.

Like every career oriented person, Ankita Sharma, a small town girl from Cochin aspires to make it big in the world of corporate. Ankita arrives in Mumbai to pursue her career in MBA. Earlier things go according to her will as she puts all her mental and physical energy behind topping the scores in MBA. But in this process, she starts ignoring her health and slowly her mental health starts deteriorating and in no time she starts experiencing mood swings. When she is happy, she is hyperactive and too energetic to carry out any task assigned to her, but on the same time when she is sad, the thoughts of suicide and fear starts gripping her mind. She loses her ability to sleep, rest and understand basic activities – even reading and writing. Things go to such an extreme point that she decides to end her life but this is where her parents support her during her tough times.

She undergoes treatment for a mental disorder called ‘Bipolar disorder’ and slowly realizes that there is more to discover in life beyond goal and ambitions. Ankita succeeds to come out of the mental disorder and decides to opt out from MBA and plans to enroll in writing.

I was really touched by this story and empathized with the pain Ankita was going through. ‘Mental disorder’ doesn’t mean one is mad or insane. Actually we need to support such people with care so that they can succeed to come out of such disturbing phases. In movie ‘Taare Zameen par’, the kid Darsheel Safary is suffering from a disability called ‘Dyslexia’ where he has trouble to understand letters and how Aamir Khan helps him to realize his skills is best shown in the movie. Diseases like ‘Alzheimer’, ‘Schizophrenia’, ‘Dyslexia’ have become common in today’s age but unfortunately the sufferers don’t get the expected support.

Kudos to author Preeti Shenoy for coming with such a complex story and presenting it in such an entertaining way. Friends, success is important to everyone in life but make sure that you don’t ignore your health in the process to chase your dreams. I highly recommend this book this inspiring book to everyone who are looking for upliftment in their life.


One Reply to “Life is what you make it – An inspiring book by Preeti Shenoy”

  1. Very well written. I agree with your thoughts on these conditions. They are very painful for both, individual suffering and the family around.

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