Changing trends of writing industry

Be it any writer, struggling or established, it is a herculean task to really understand the likings of a reader. Times have changed, writers have changed, so is the business of writing. Now writers are writing books that demands the likings of Facebook driven generation – IIM’s, IIT’s, MBA’s, BBA’s etc. Today’s books are mostly based on happenings in corporate sectors e.g a night @ call center gave a glimpse at the lives of employees working in call centers. The book was an instant ‘hit’ and made Chetan Bhagat the favorite author of younger generation. Everyone loves his book, so do I. Slowly, many budding and upcoming authors adopted the formula of writing books on lives of younger generation ( their struggles in corporate sector, their personal lives (love, breakups, ditching).

Today’s books have become more formulaic than inspiring. But the struggle story of writer doesn’t end here. Despite following the successful recipe to write an interesting book, the story is rejected several times by editors who are just there to dampen the confidence of upcoming writers. There are a lot of examples of writers who have self published their books after facing heartbreaking rejections of cold-hearted publishing companies. So, after swallowing countless rejections, the book is finally accepted by a kind editor of an unknown publishing company. Now the next stage comes: marketing. If you are not pluggged to social networking sites, don’t expect your book to succeed. Even a struggling blogger values the potential of social interaction and this is where Facebook, Twitter plays a significant role in connecting the book to the potential readers. After a huge promotion on social networking sites, the book is available for sale in book stores as well as on home shopping portals like Flipkart, Amazon etc. Now comes the judgement day for the author to see the sales of his book in the market. Finally, the book succeeds in connecting with readers. It’s a happy ending story for the writer. But somewhere in this process, the author loses his real creativity, his soulful conscience which always wanted to tell the story he desired.

Now the writer is just a toy in the hands of readers 😦 If you all agree with my ideas, please do share your ideas in the comment box.

Happy Reading
Struggling Writer


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