DDLJ – 1000 weeks of romance

β€œ Senorita Bade Bade shehron mein choti choti baatein hoti rehti hain” – Raj


Love connects. It really does. Sometimes in form of books and movies. There won’t be a single lover on any earth (Especially in India) who hasn’t seen Dilwale Dulhaniya le jayenge. After seeing this movie, every crazy lover labelled himself as ‘Raj’. Did anyone know that Tom Cruise was the original choice to play ‘Raj’ in DDLJ. Guess what would have been the title of the movie ? It would have been ‘Dulhan Impossible’. Though people loved and hated this movie, it was a great milestone in history of indian cinema and no one can deny that. DDLJ was a great booster for SRK and Kajol in Bollywood as it was for Leonardo Dicaprio and Kate Winslet in Titanic. This December 12th 2014, DDLJ completes 1000 weeks of screening in Maratha Mandir and this is really a history in itself.


Raj. Naam To Suna Hi Hoga – Raj

I recently watched this movie completely, but only for Simran. From that day onwards, I have a huge crush on punjabi girls. For me, every punjabi girl is simran, meri simran. (Long back in 1998, I had a huge crush on a punjabi girl and guess what? Her name was simran) Whenever she ran to catch a moving bus, I always offered my hand to lift her in bus. (I travelled by bus and the ride from station to home was one joy ride with her) Though my simran got some other dilwala, my determination to find my seΓ±orita is still on. I have heard that lots of girls like Simran are purposely missing their train to Zurich with a wish to find a lover like Raj. Simran, Here I come πŸ™‚


The plot of DDLJ was replicated several times, but none of them succeeded to find a place in the hearts of movie lovers.


“Agar woh mujhse pyar karti hai to zaroor paltegi, palat” – Raj

Missing the train was the new formula for a successful love story. Even I had missed several trains to go office, but nowhere the simran was in sight. That cunning Raj was one lucky fellow. Sometimes I wonder how a lover can go to his girl’s village to win the heart of her family, feed the pigeons, get knocked down by villains and finally in a filmy way and see the girl running towards the moving train to unite with him. (why didn’t Raj pull the chain?) So, this December, the countless Rajs and simrans will gather to relive the timeless romance of Raj & Simran who still continue to rule the hearts of lovers on earth.


P.S – I won’t be there to watch the 1000th show of DDLJ because I will be shooting for the coming sequel of DDLJ, once again donning the hat and offering my hand to pick up my Simran πŸ™‚

Hope you all loved this light-hearted comment on DDLJ.

Come, keep falling in love……..

Prashant ‘Raj’


Why books keep me inspiring? Come, find out

They say books are your true friends. So true. At some juncture, your friends may desert you, ignore you, but books will always be there for you. As a writer, I am always encouraged by books and I always take a stride in encouraging people to read. Some agree, some don’t. It all started with reading comics in childhood.

From comics to graphic novel and now to novels, the knowledge I garnered is awesome. Books are not just a collection of pages, they are your teacher, philosopher, mentor, guide which truly lead to the glorious road of knowledge and enlightenment. In my early days of job, I used to travel to Borivali for my office and sitting continuously for 2 hrs in bus is seriously big pain in the back. At this point, books were there to kill the long stretched hours from home to office and office to home. From Mark Twain, William Shakespeare, Charles Dickens, Jules Verne to today’s new age writers like Chetan Bhagat, Preeti Shenoy & Rahul Saini, I have explored writing in various forms – humor, compassion, adventure, tragedy, suspense as well as horror. Through the stories, I have met in personal with these writers. Writers never die, they live forever through words. Among all writers, Mark Twain and Louisa May Alcott are my favorite ones as I have learned a lot through their books. If I hadn’t read Adventures of Tom Sawyer of Mark Twain, I wouldn’t have the privilege to enter the world of novels. Books give you the knack to understand the unpredictable human nature through the characters we meet in a novel. Books inspire me to read, Books inspire me to write what I really feel from the bottom of my heart. If books aren’t your companion, then you are missing something in your life.

β€œYou will be really alone in your life the day you don’t have any book with you” – Quote

For now, enjoy your life and keep reading πŸ™‚

Sadly :) True love only exists in movies and books

You will wonder why I added a smiley sign after the word ‘sadly’ because I have a point here. In movies, we have guy and girl meeting for the first time, they keep on meeting until they fall in love. They fight for love, they cry for love, melodramas etc and finally they live happily ever after. End credits roll.
The scenario of love in real life is far different from the love in reel life. In the real life there are more heart breaks than the happy romance we seen in SRK’s movies. Acid attacks, infidelity, emotional breakdowns, insanity, alcoholism OMG what not…… Thanks God πŸ™‚ I have kept far away from such bloody emotions. Who on the earth has so much time to keep on waiting for a girl who is always two to three hours late. Seriously I hate waiting 😦 It is worth standing in queue to receive aadhar cards and passport than waiting for some ‘nuts’ girl. ( Unfortunately I have encountered such type of person). Really the concept of love has changed a lot presently compared to the old times in 80’s and 90’s.

There was a time when people had time for each other. The emotions were unconditional and every emotion was conveyed through sentimental words poured in the letter. But nowadays love happens on FB and ends on Whatsapp. Is this love or an emotional agreement? Does love really has an expiry date like medicines? In this scenario, I am damn lucky. God gave me lots of opportunities to connect me with lots of girls right from my school days to office (But I am a brave heart, I never surrendered myself to this tricky emotion πŸ™‚ Ironically I am a great fan of writer Nicholas Sparks who wrote great novels like Notebook, Dear John, A Walk to remember etc. Seriously his books are enough to make anyone go crazy in love, but here too I am stony-hearted enough to melt to the emotional words of his stories. Like movies, books too have sad and happy endings. People connect to it and start comparing their lives to the characters in the book. They feel that their love story will have a fairy tale ending like Cinderella, DDLJ, Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, 2 States etc, Twilight ( Nowadays girls are so crazy about twilight books that they insist to have a vampire as their husband – most importantly khaate peete ghar ka hona chahiye, working in a corporate sector)

Our life is not a movie, it is neither a book. Emotions come in many forms, in several instances of life, strong enough to blind you in feelings. Expectations begin but only to end later in hate break. So why start it? For those who still feel that love will happen, God bless them. Enter at your own risk. All I can say is enjoy the love stories in books and movies. The emotions are easy to see, but tough to experience.

This blog post is dedicated to all my sweethearts who never understood my feelings πŸ™‚ Hope they will understand my feelings after reading this article.

Half Girlfriend – A novel by Chetan Bhagat


Novel Title : Half Girlfriend
Author : Chetan Bhagat
Year of Publication : 2014
Ratings : 4/5

Our nation is torn between two societies – the upper class people with strong proficiency in English and the other is the lower class community with minimal education and a weak hold over English language. God knows how much struggle our patriots had to put to drive away the Britishers from India.
Though the Britishers left our nation, but their presence is still felt when a high-class corporate official treats a minimally educated worker harshly. Even during matchmaking, a girl will always prefer a highly qualified, fluently english speaking boy than choosing a boy whose english speaking abilities are of mediocre level.

For the first time, Chetan Bhagat has picked up a topic on such scenario where Madhav Jha, a Bihari boy falls for Riya Somani, a girl from aristocratic family based in Delhi. The story begins with Madhav meeting Chetan Bhagat at a hotel, requesting him to read the letters of his girlfriend Riya Somani who has passed away. Though Chetan is reluctant to read the letter of a dead person, but finally makes up his mind to read the letters. The letter takes him to the story of Riya and Madhav Jha. Though Riya considers him as his best friend, but refuses to reciprocate to the feelings of Madhav Jha. In the first pages of the novel, Madhav Jha is projected as lecherous, lusty Bihari boy who has one only thing in mind for Riya. Later Riya gets married to a rich guy while Madhav moves to Bihar to take care of the school which is desperate need for funds. As Madhav returns to his hometown, he is a changed man, eager to make his school a recognized school with all the facilities required for students – electricity, classrooms, books, boards.

Destiny brings him close to his dreams and a support comes to him in form of Bill Gates foundation who are ready to give monetary support to his school. The only hurdle that he has to cross is to communicate fluently in english and convince the foundation to offer him funds. Life brings Madhav to square one where he again meets Riya who is now a divorcee. Riya patches up her differences and helps Madhav in his english speaking. How Madhav succeeds in bagging the funds and wins back his love Riya, the rest of the story is best to be read in the book ‘Half Girlfriend’ written by Chetan Bhagat.
The story is very engrossing and interesting as so are the characters – Riya Somani and Madhav Jha.

This is the first book of Chetan Bhagat which was adapated for a Bollywood movie even before its release in bookstores. Thanks to lots of hypes and heavy-duty marketing, ‘Half Girlfriend’ succeeded in winning the hearts of readers. If you are keen to win the heart of your ‘half girlfriend’ then this book is there to boost your spirits.

Will we really understand a woman? – A funny take on the unpredictable species called ‘Woman’

Woman, the next mysterious thing after Bermuda Triangle. Just as a plane enters the area of Bermuda triangle and never comes back, similarly if any object in form of gift (jewellery, make up box, shoes etc etc….the list is endless) that goes in woman’s hand never comes back. It is we, the men ‘bechara species’ who is always the victim of woman’s innocence( are they really innocent???) Before I start writing more on the unpredictable nature of women, I just want to make clear that this article is just my harmless, diplomatic, light-hearted views on the unexplored side of woman’s nature. So dear madam, hope you don’t take ‘belan’ – the most deadly weapon of every woman ( even millions of nuclear weapons cannot compete with this tool. )

Here is the list of some interesting, mind-puzzling facts about woman’s habits, nature , attitude ( whatever you call it)

1) When a woman says no, it actually means yes. For e.g when a guy proposes a girl, the reply that a guy always get is ‘no’. If the woman’s says ‘no’, then she means ‘yes’, then if she says yes, does it really mean yes?

Seriously this response is really heartbreaking than a rejection in interview πŸ™‚ The word ‘no’ continues until the man cringes before her like a puppy. Actually girls prefers guys who would be like a dog we seen in the commercials of Vodafone ( wherever you go, the network follows you). Are man just confined to be a sidekick, bodyguard or a walking ATM for girls? They will shower you their love with their childish accents ( new skills found in girls nowadays) He will be the bodyguard for her. ( Here the men don’t have money to buy aquaguard and the girl gets a ‘bodyguard’ free of cost).

2) Super confused nature – They always have a problem with their admirer. If he notices them, then they start wondering why is he noticing? No matter how hard a guy may attempt to start a conversation, the girl will ignore the guy with her plastic, fake smile repeatedly without uttering a word. (Seriously I have seen such species ) But when the same guy stops noticing her, the girl will start wondering why is he isn’t noticing. (Bechara ladka kare to kya kare !!)

3) Never short of ideas and gossips – The female species on earth are more superactive, alert and aware about the current events ( breakups, new rich guy in town, office complaints, who is wearing what….are these really current events???)
Such stuffs are more important to them than any national issue in the world. And most surprising venues of their gossips – Washroom. What on the earth they have to discuss such important issues in washroom ? Really, the mystery will be never be revealed.

4) The wrong guy is always the right – 99% of girls always fall for spoilt, womanizing, lecherous, super-smiling wrong guy. Why on earth is the honest, simple and decent man always rejected? Really this question needs a national debate on Times Now Channel someday. The reason the girl falling for wrong guy is that the wrong guy always says the right thing. (right thing means approving every dumb talks of the girl)

5) Drama Queen/Hyper-emotional – Creating emotional dramas is a specialized feature of a woman ( it is hard to find such qualities even in x-men). They have more water in their eyes than the water in wells, dams etc. (Really God has sent them with inbuilt water tanks). The moment they realize that their demands are not met, you will see a huge flow of tears bursting from their eyes. Beware, these tears are more disastrous than cyclones, twisters and floods. For the sake of domestic peace, the man surrenders to their demands. Sadly, man never shows his emotions and is always misquoted as cold-hearted.

6) Emotional blackmailing – Some mothers are well skilled in this art. In cases of love affairs, a boy has always to face defeat before his emotional blackmailing mother. No matter how much the boy loves his soul mate, the fake threats of heartattacks is sure to melt the boy and he always remains the momma’s boy forever. In this way the momma succeeds in getting her son married to the girl of her choice. Phew….kahaani ghar ghar ki πŸ™‚

7) Can’t stay without mirror and lipstick – No matter what disasters may come on earth, but ladies will always stay stuck to their mirror and lipstick.

OMG !! There are more interesting facts to come soon in my coming post. Really, it is hard to understand a woman and actually discover what she really desires.

Through this article, I have tried a hand to write a humorous article. If it doesn’t tickle your funny bone, it will definitely bring a little smile on your face. Hope the men in the world will agree with my views.

Prashant Badiger