Will we really understand a woman? – A funny take on the unpredictable species called ‘Woman’

Woman, the next mysterious thing after Bermuda Triangle. Just as a plane enters the area of Bermuda triangle and never comes back, similarly if any object in form of gift (jewellery, make up box, shoes etc etc….the list is endless) that goes in woman’s hand never comes back. It is we, the men ‘bechara species’ who is always the victim of woman’s innocence( are they really innocent???) Before I start writing more on the unpredictable nature of women, I just want to make clear that this article is just my harmless, diplomatic, light-hearted views on the unexplored side of woman’s nature. So dear madam, hope you don’t take ‘belan’ ā€“ the most deadly weapon of every woman ( even millions of nuclear weapons cannot compete with this tool. )

Here is the list of some interesting, mind-puzzling facts about woman’s habits, nature , attitude ( whatever you call it)

1) When a woman says no, it actually means yes. For e.g when a guy proposes a girl, the reply that a guy always get is ‘no’. If the woman’s says ‘no’, then she means ‘yes’, then if she says yes, does it really mean yes?

Seriously this response is really heartbreaking than a rejection in interview šŸ™‚ The word ‘no’ continues until the man cringes before her like a puppy. Actually girls prefers guys who would be like a dog we seen in the commercials of Vodafone ( wherever you go, the network follows you). Are man just confined to be a sidekick, bodyguard or a walking ATM for girls? They will shower you their love with their childish accents ( new skills found in girls nowadays) He will be the bodyguard for her. ( Here the men don’t have money to buy aquaguard and the girl gets a ‘bodyguard’ free of cost).

2) Super confused nature ā€“ They always have a problem with their admirer. If he notices them, then they start wondering why is he noticing? No matter how hard a guy may attempt to start a conversation, the girl will ignore the guy with her plastic, fake smile repeatedly without uttering a word. (Seriously I have seen such species ) But when the same guy stops noticing her, the girl will start wondering why is he isn’t noticing. (Bechara ladka kare to kya kare !!)

3) Never short of ideas and gossips ā€“ The female species on earth are more superactive, alert and aware about the current events ( breakups, new rich guy in town, office complaints, who is wearing what….are these really current events???)
Such stuffs are more important to them than any national issue in the world. And most surprising venues of their gossips ā€“ Washroom. What on the earth they have to discuss such important issues in washroom ? Really, the mystery will be never be revealed.

4) The wrong guy is always the right ā€“ 99% of girls always fall for spoilt, womanizing, lecherous, super-smiling wrong guy. Why on earth is the honest, simple and decent man always rejected? Really this question needs a national debate on Times Now Channel someday. The reason the girl falling for wrong guy is that the wrong guy always says the right thing. (right thing means approving every dumb talks of the girl)

5) Drama Queen/Hyper-emotional ā€“ Creating emotional dramas is a specialized feature of a woman ( it is hard to find such qualities even in x-men). They have more water in their eyes than the water in wells, dams etc. (Really God has sent them with inbuilt water tanks). The moment they realize that their demands are not met, you will see a huge flow of tears bursting from their eyes. Beware, these tears are more disastrous than cyclones, twisters and floods. For the sake of domestic peace, the man surrenders to their demands. Sadly, man never shows his emotions and is always misquoted as cold-hearted.

6) Emotional blackmailing ā€“ Some mothers are well skilled in this art. In cases of love affairs, a boy has always to face defeat before his emotional blackmailing mother. No matter how much the boy loves his soul mate, the fake threats of heartattacks is sure to melt the boy and he always remains the momma’s boy forever. In this way the momma succeeds in getting her son married to the girl of her choice. Phew….kahaani ghar ghar ki šŸ™‚

7) Can’t stay without mirror and lipstick – No matter what disasters may come on earth, but ladies will always stay stuck to their mirror and lipstick.

OMG !! There are more interesting facts to come soon in my coming post. Really, it is hard to understand a woman and actually discover what she really desires.

Through this article, I have tried a hand to write a humorous article. If it doesn’t tickle your funny bone, it will definitely bring a little smile on your face. Hope the men in the world will agree with my views.

Prashant Badiger


One Reply to “Will we really understand a woman? – A funny take on the unpredictable species called ‘Woman’”

  1. Very sensitive topic, but well expressed. Good job! Looks like you are about to complete your thesis on this topic. As soon as you complete, share the tips with your readers as well šŸ™‚

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