Sadly :) True love only exists in movies and books

You will wonder why I added a smiley sign after the word ‘sadly’ because I have a point here. In movies, we have guy and girl meeting for the first time, they keep on meeting until they fall in love. They fight for love, they cry for love, melodramas etc and finally they live happily ever after. End credits roll.
The scenario of love in real life is far different from the love in reel life. In the real life there are more heart breaks than the happy romance we seen in SRK’s movies. Acid attacks, infidelity, emotional breakdowns, insanity, alcoholism OMG what not…… Thanks God πŸ™‚ I have kept far away from such bloody emotions. Who on the earth has so much time to keep on waiting for a girl who is always two to three hours late. Seriously I hate waiting 😦 It is worth standing in queue to receive aadhar cards and passport than waiting for some ‘nuts’ girl. ( Unfortunately I have encountered such type of person). Really the concept of love has changed a lot presently compared to the old times in 80’s and 90’s.

There was a time when people had time for each other. The emotions were unconditional and every emotion was conveyed through sentimental words poured in the letter. But nowadays love happens on FB and ends on Whatsapp. Is this love or an emotional agreement? Does love really has an expiry date like medicines? In this scenario, I am damn lucky. God gave me lots of opportunities to connect me with lots of girls right from my school days to office (But I am a brave heart, I never surrendered myself to this tricky emotion πŸ™‚ Ironically I am a great fan of writer Nicholas Sparks who wrote great novels like Notebook, Dear John, A Walk to remember etc. Seriously his books are enough to make anyone go crazy in love, but here too I am stony-hearted enough to melt to the emotional words of his stories. Like movies, books too have sad and happy endings. People connect to it and start comparing their lives to the characters in the book. They feel that their love story will have a fairy tale ending like Cinderella, DDLJ, Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, 2 States etc, Twilight ( Nowadays girls are so crazy about twilight books that they insist to have a vampire as their husband – most importantly khaate peete ghar ka hona chahiye, working in a corporate sector)

Our life is not a movie, it is neither a book. Emotions come in many forms, in several instances of life, strong enough to blind you in feelings. Expectations begin but only to end later in hate break. So why start it? For those who still feel that love will happen, God bless them. Enter at your own risk. All I can say is enjoy the love stories in books and movies. The emotions are easy to see, but tough to experience.

This blog post is dedicated to all my sweethearts who never understood my feelings πŸ™‚ Hope they will understand my feelings after reading this article.


2 Replies to “Sadly :) True love only exists in movies and books”

  1. This is not real Prashant Badiger. As per my experience till date I know that u r a very sensitive and emotional person. How you were crazy for ****** ****..I have seen that. So don’t tell me that u don’t believe in love and all. You haven’t got it yet thats why you are saying this in depression. Don’t get depressed…go find your soulmate and then tell me about love….god bless you!

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