DDLJ – 1000 weeks of romance

“ Senorita Bade Bade shehron mein choti choti baatein hoti rehti hain” – Raj


Love connects. It really does. Sometimes in form of books and movies. There won’t be a single lover on any earth (Especially in India) who hasn’t seen Dilwale Dulhaniya le jayenge. After seeing this movie, every crazy lover labelled himself as ‘Raj’. Did anyone know that Tom Cruise was the original choice to play ‘Raj’ in DDLJ. Guess what would have been the title of the movie ? It would have been ‘Dulhan Impossible’. Though people loved and hated this movie, it was a great milestone in history of indian cinema and no one can deny that. DDLJ was a great booster for SRK and Kajol in Bollywood as it was for Leonardo Dicaprio and Kate Winslet in Titanic. This December 12th 2014, DDLJ completes 1000 weeks of screening in Maratha Mandir and this is really a history in itself.


Raj. Naam To Suna Hi Hoga – Raj

I recently watched this movie completely, but only for Simran. From that day onwards, I have a huge crush on punjabi girls. For me, every punjabi girl is simran, meri simran. (Long back in 1998, I had a huge crush on a punjabi girl and guess what? Her name was simran) Whenever she ran to catch a moving bus, I always offered my hand to lift her in bus. (I travelled by bus and the ride from station to home was one joy ride with her) Though my simran got some other dilwala, my determination to find my señorita is still on. I have heard that lots of girls like Simran are purposely missing their train to Zurich with a wish to find a lover like Raj. Simran, Here I come 🙂


The plot of DDLJ was replicated several times, but none of them succeeded to find a place in the hearts of movie lovers.


“Agar woh mujhse pyar karti hai to zaroor paltegi, palat” – Raj

Missing the train was the new formula for a successful love story. Even I had missed several trains to go office, but nowhere the simran was in sight. That cunning Raj was one lucky fellow. Sometimes I wonder how a lover can go to his girl’s village to win the heart of her family, feed the pigeons, get knocked down by villains and finally in a filmy way and see the girl running towards the moving train to unite with him. (why didn’t Raj pull the chain?) So, this December, the countless Rajs and simrans will gather to relive the timeless romance of Raj & Simran who still continue to rule the hearts of lovers on earth.


P.S – I won’t be there to watch the 1000th show of DDLJ because I will be shooting for the coming sequel of DDLJ, once again donning the hat and offering my hand to pick up my Simran 🙂

Hope you all loved this light-hearted comment on DDLJ.

Come, keep falling in love……..

Prashant ‘Raj’


4 Replies to “DDLJ – 1000 weeks of romance”

  1. I agree with both of the co-readers, very refreshing and well written. Also, thank you so much for sharing that “Tom Cruise was initally approached for playing Raj character in DDLJ” 🙂
    As always, Keep writing.

  2. It has been called as cliched, predictable, boring, ridiculous, melodramatic, overlong and silly but for me, as well as for any true lover of good romantic cinema, DDLJ remains the film to beat.

    The music is still melodious, the dialogues are incredibly iconic and quoted endlessly in every romantic comedy that you can dream about and even as endless Yashraj Films outings have themselves somewhat ruined their impact, the originality of the elements is very refreshing even today. People believe wrongly that it is full of stereotypes; rather, this was the film that invented all romantic plot elements that have now become stereotypes due to being used excessively.

    This review is as full of romance and adoration as that magical film. It was really refreshing, Prashant, to hear about your own little romantic yarn rather than all the standard praise that this film gets. The single biggest triumph of DDLJ is that it makes us all mushy and romantic, it makes us all dream about the perfect idyllic love story that we want in our lives.

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