2014 – An eye opening year

Every year comes as a blessing to me. Touchwood, the last two years have been really great to me. Thanks to God, his grace and blessings gave me the strength to keep on moving ahead in my life, facing heart-breaking disappointments and ignorance. 2014 has really been an eye opener for me. It taught me lot of valuable things but in a harshest way. First I was disheartened by the unexpected changes, but later realized that it was happening for good. This year made me realize who are closer to me and who are not. The heart breaking incidents happening in our life are not to make us cynical, but to pull off the mask of the fake people around us.

This year was eye-opening from other aspects too. Earlier I had a misconception that Indian authors don’t have the knack to inspire and entertain like Mark Twain and Louisa May Alcott did. The one book that I thoroughly enjoyed this year was ‘2 states’ written by Chetan Bhagat. Wow !! what a book !!! Kudos to Chetan Bhagat for coming up with such a wonderful book. Love @ Facebook, Half Girlfriend, The orange hangover, One night @ the call center were other books I thoroughly enjoyed this year. But ‘Malgudi days’ was the book that made a place in my heart. R.K.Narayan’s simplicity in his writings, his stories are sure to touch your heart. There are more other books that are on my wish list in the coming year. After a span of 5 years, finally my tweets have generated some curiosity among people. I want to keep connected to my friends through my articles and stories. As Christmas eve comes closer, I want to wish all my friends a happy, warm and joyful Christmas.

Hope this coming year brings lots of happiness in your life. To follow my stories, you can visit my blog – https://prashantb.wordpress.com

Happy Reading
Prashant Badiger


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