Those small, happy moments

‘The real joy of life lies in celebrating small moments of happiness than waiting for big ones to happen’

Today we have increased our necessities to such an extent that we have no time left for ourselves. In the process of chasing our dreams, goals and our everyday challenges, we have lost the true happiness which we cherished in our childhood. Now cars, tablets, mobiles, expensive clothes and hotel visits have becomes necessities of our life. If you don’t have any one of the things in your life, you will be considered away from the race. To maintain our status or prove our false pride, we start opting for such things on credit. Is this true happiness? Exactly not. There is a huge difference between necessities and luxuries. But unfortunately, we have started considering luxuries as our necessities. It’s not wrong to fulfill your desires, but also make sure that you don’t go overboard about these things.

In the early days, everyone had time for each other. But today, everyone wants to stay in touch with each other without coming closer. Thanks to whatsapp, FB, Twitter, Instagram etc. Technologies may have brought us closer virtually, but by hearts we are going far away. The tight hug of friends, bunking schools to watch movies, stealing money from daddy’s wallet, insisting for delicious food from mummy and secretly passing love letters to sweetheart are some moments which are lost somewhere. I hope you must all have enjoyed such moments in your times.

According to you, what is the exact definition of happiness? Is it buying a expensive chevrolet car or meeting your friend after a long gap? Both these happiness are great for the people as per their perspectives. Frankly for me, neither a car is important, nor a trip to foreign place. For me, my happiness is smell of homemade food, the dusty pages of an old book, the melodious music of a memorable song and the memories of a long-lost friend. These small moments of happiness mean a lot to me and if you agree with it then these small, happy moments are larger than life.

Now I hardly see few people lined up at phone booth. Thankfully, we have mobile phones with all the chatting applications but no time to call each other. We have credit cards to relish on delicious foods in restaurants, but we have forgotten the one friend who used to give us credit during our difficult times. The love letters no longer exist in digital age because relationships break more faster than 3G.

Friends, take a time out to live those small happy moments before life slips out. Give a surprise visit to your old friend, travel in public transports, meet your school teacher, gift a bouquet to your wife and tell how much she means to you. For some people, it may sound routine and old-fashioned, but really the magic lies in celebrating the small moments of happiness which you really care for. I have started making a list of the small happiness I want to enjoy. Have you made your list?

Prashant Badiger


3 Replies to “Those small, happy moments”

  1. It makes lot of sense. I also hardly see kids going out and playing in outdoors.. most of the time either they are on social media or playing on their playstations. I liked your idea of making the list of happiness. I should follow that some day 🙂
    Keep writing.

  2. Prashant @ yes this one is indeed so true & heart touching…But knowing all this we still fail / miss to do all those small things in life. Nice one….Keep it up !!!

  3. I liked it very much. This gap in our life is missing but nobody is noticing that what is missing in our life . Streotype life where you don’t think about your happy moments.Mr Prashant I simply love your thought and writing . Can you please give me your number . I want a small discussion on this topic. My mobile number is 08469474386.

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