Is it ethical to have an affair?

”Sometimes the greatest journey in the world is the distance between two people” – W.Somershet Maughm


In the crowd of millions, a heart searches for a heart which would understand its emotions. We, human, right from our birth till our old age are always in someone’s company. Our infancy and later childhood days is passed in affectionate company of our parents. The school days and college times are spent in company of friends. Later, we bind ourselves in marital bond. So, the journey of this species called human is always surrounded by people. But in midst of this relationships, the heart of human craves for someone’s company, a tender support that would bring a smile on it’s face. The bonding between two hearts is labelled as ‘affair’. According to Indian customs, eloping in affairs is sinful and unethical. There are some relationships in world which go beyond ethics. What’s wrong and unethical in having an affair with someone when you know that the world is deaf enough to listen to your heart. The affair can be between a boy and a girl in a college or a man and woman working in a organization. Sometimes a emotional bonding happens between two married people because they don’t find that deserved love in their respective partners. This emotional bonding between two married people is termed as extra-marital affair – A love you discover after marriage.


Like everyone, I too craved for someone’s company. Though life gave me the opportunity to bond with someone I could share my feelings, but my apprehensions, self-consciousness and my fear to maintain my status in society never allowed me to indulge in that emotional bonding. It was always a one-sided emotion that stayed safe in my heart.


In the eyes of society, having an affair may be illegitimate, but for the lonely hearts, their love is pure, unconditional that would give them a support for a lifetime. For some people, love affairs may be nothing but erotic union of two bodies. But every love affair is not lusty. Some people seek it for a company, some seek it for finding a true love in their life. Movies like “Falling in love”, “The English patient”, “The Bridges of madison county”, “One day”, “Life in a metro” and “Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna” had the themes of affair in their storyline.


Whether having an affair is ethical or unethical is a topic of debate. But if you follow ethics, you will be left alone in this cruel crowd which is ready to crush you under it’s feet. All you need is someone’s sweet company that would make your life meaningful and give a purpose to endure the hardships of life with a smile. Though this topic may sound bit bold, mis-leading and unethical, but at the end of the day we always look for someone who would bring a smile on our face. Rest, everything is farce. I would be really happy to know everyone’s pleasing comment as well as harsh replies on this topic. So, have you found the love of your life?

Prashant Badiger


5 Replies to “Is it ethical to have an affair?”

  1. I am still confused, inorder to follow our vedas to remain silent, or can maintain some unethical affairs which makes us to smile….

  2. I agree with you, and also with the fellow reader (@Gopal Srinivas).
    I guess its more about commitment and trust. Don’t break the trust – no matter what. These days with the coming generation – It is such a fine line between the two. Even also if they draw the lines, it always in the sand. One wave of water and line disappears.
    Keep writing.

  3. Ethics are to subjective. I feel if I love that person regardless of my martial status means i was not bonded with any before like that and seeing that person made me realize happiness. Love is ethical any day 🙂

  4. It is of course any person’s individual choice regarding having an affair or not. As long as the person will gain some justified happiness for himself or herself, it should not be wrong. It is completely subjective and depends from person to person

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