Selfie Clicking – A false exposure of happiness

The moment I log on to facebook, my status updates are filled with the selfie clicks of my friends on several occasions. Selfie clicking is current trend to share happiness, stay live in limelight and keep the world updated about your every phase.


Is selfie clicking really a activity of sharing your happiness on web or is it a mental disorder? Bring a bunch of people around and click a pic to share it among the world. But why? In the verge of sharing their updates, people are making their personal life public.

There was a time when people gathered around the camera to be a part of that happy moment. But with the advent of smart phones, this activity has become a obsession, an urge to share as many selfies around the social networks. By clicking selfies, people keep you updated about their events, but in this process they are showing a false side of life. Imagine what would happen if you are sidelined from your friends? What if you fail in your exam? What if you lose someone on the personal front? Would you share that moment too? No, you won’t.


By sharing your pics with the world, you give the access to world to peep in your personal space. I don’t say that clicking selfies is bad, but make sure that you don’t get overboard with this habit of staying in false limelight on social networking sites.
There have been many psychological cases in which people have literally driven to commit suicide because they couldn’t get a perfect shot on their camera. Seriously this is nothing but sickness. Friends, there is more to explore in life beyond clicking selfies. Join a community, learn something constructive, give a helping hand to a needy or take a trip. Once you have done something good to someone, you really don’t need a introduction about yourself. Your kind work will be your introduction.
Through this article, I have taken a small effort to highlight on this activity of taking selfies and how it can hamper your mentality if it goes overboard.

Prashant Badiger


One Reply to “Selfie Clicking – A false exposure of happiness”

  1. Nice topic and very much relevant with the growing social media.
    In fact this week it self I was reading news on msn on “Growing rates of Depression on users of Facebook” and I guess the topic you chose has a good contribution to it. As always, keep writing.

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