Scion of ishvaku – preview of upcoming book by Amish

Jay shri ram

Book – scion of ishvaku
Author – Amish tripathi
Publication year – 2015


The glory of Lord shri ram has been sung, wrote and played by numerous saints, poets, artists and writers from generation to generation. The utterance of word ‘ram’ itself frees one from the cycle of life and death. From sant tulsidas to contemporary writers like ashok banker, everyone has told the legend of shri rama in their own ways. Now it’s turn of author Amish tripathi, the writer who gave you the popular Shiva trilogy. After completing Shiva trilogy, Amish tripathi has penned down a new mythological story that will re-tell the legend of shri ram in a contemporary way.


The plot of this book is under wraps and is scheduled to release soon somewhere in June this year. I was really amazed with the storyline of immortals of meluha and will definitely take on this new novel of Amish once I have completed reading Shiva trilogy. Being regarded as a adventurous mythological epic, this book is sure to mark a new record in world of publishing.


Wishing author Amish a lots of success for his coming venture and we can expect this book to grace our book shelf soon.

Jay shri ram
Prashant badiger


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