200 encouraging comments……thank you so much

It just feels like yesterday. I started blog writing on 15th Aug 2009, with a small wish to share my ideas with the world. Now it is 5 years and 150 articles with 200 comments….yes 200 comments from my friends and readers from all the corners of the world. Feeling blessed. I never had a slightest hope that my writings will touch the hearts of my readers.

Every article I wrote with a hope to connect with my readers became a long lasting association. Even today after writing 150 articles, I still have the feeling that it’s my first article. I thank all my friends, colleagues, mentors who kept me encouraging even in my lowest times. By grace of God, I hope to keep my good work going. All I just need your encouragement, motivation and a small place in your heart. If somewhere my writing inspires you, then I will consider my writing work fulfilled.

Happy reading


First love – this feeling never goes from the heart

‘My daddy said your first love is your best love and it changes you forever. No matter how hard you try to forget it, it never goes away from your mind and heart. Such is the power of first love’ – lines from novel ‘the notebook’


God gave us a important organ called heart whose beats keep you going. Among all other organs, only heart is mischievous and emotional as well to fall in love business. The first thing is always special in our life – the first day to school, the first hair cut, the first cycle ride, the first pocket money and the first love. Here our heart plays the role of love guru to make us realize the value of emotion called love. Everyone in the world had his first crush, including me.

In our teen days, we all are occupied in our studies to make our future and unexpectedly someone’s arrival gives a new twist to life.
So our future is left behind and we go ahead to make that person our soul mate in future. How many of you remember your first love? No matter even if you are married and having several crushes, you can’t forget your first love.


I met my first love at bus stop. She was standing nervously, shy, exhausted from her office work.  Something triggered in my heart to talk with her. That small talk comforted her soul, drived away her exhaustion and I waited till she got the bus to get home. That wait at the bus stop became my biggest wait for the return of my love in my life.  Though we may not be destined for each other, but I am hopeful that I will meet her again in some next life time.

Really I tell u, if this love makes you cry, it also gives you strength to move ahead successfully with a smile on your face.  The feeling of love is itself so strange that you feel that you know the person for ages. I consider ‘the notebook’ movie’ as best recommendation to enjoy a sweet, romantic story. I hope after reading this article, the lovers from the universe will definitely drop a message on whatsapp or call their first crush to tell how she or he was important in their life. If you loved this article, do drop your comments to share your love story.

Keep loving