200 encouraging comments……thank you so much

It just feels like yesterday. I started blog writing on 15th Aug 2009, with a small wish to share my ideas with the world. Now it is 5 years and 150 articles with 200 comments….yes 200 comments from my friends and readers from all the corners of the world. Feeling blessed. I never had a slightest hope that my writings will touch the hearts of my readers.

Every article I wrote with a hope to connect with my readers became a long lasting association. Even today after writing 150 articles, I still have the feeling that it’s my first article. I thank all my friends, colleagues, mentors who kept me encouraging even in my lowest times. By grace of God, I hope to keep my good work going. All I just need your encouragement, motivation and a small place in your heart. If somewhere my writing inspires you, then I will consider my writing work fulfilled.

Happy reading


One Reply to “200 encouraging comments……thank you so much”

  1. That is a great achievement buddy. Very proud. Keep continuting writing. I am sure you would be writing about your next milestone of 500 comments and so on :).
    Looking forward for your next articles.

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