Inspiring events from life of Steve Jobs


Dejected and disheartened by the heart breaking responses by the interviewers for past 1 month, I couldn’t see any light of hope.

It was 2011 when I was traveling continuously, giving interviews, showing my writing samples to the interviewers. Some said the writing didn’t had any spice, some even advised me to give up writing. Swallowing such responses was more fatal than swallowing an arsenic or a cyanide. No matter how depressed I was, I always took time for seeking solace in company of books. One fine evening, as I was reading Arindam Chaudhary’s book – discover the diamond in you, I got all my answers through heart breaking situations that came in life of Steve Jobs.

A pic of Steve Jobs and Steve wozniak while working

At the age of 21, Steve Jobs and Steve wozniak made their first computer at Job’s garage in 1976. The establishment of Apple computers was a turning point in life of Steve Jobs who was now worth $200 million. A new sensation in world of technology, Steve Jobs was a new inspiring icon who featured on Times cover at age of 26. But life was not a easy road of success for Steve.

The year 1985 brought the glory of Steve Jobs sliding down when he was thrown from his own company by his friend John Schully whom Steve Jobs had recruited. After reading the segment, tears flown from my eyes. I realised that I was not the one who had suffered such setbacks. Even a genius like Steve Jobs had to go through rigorous phases.

Like Steve Jobs, I was too shown the outside door by the company for whom I worked day and night and the reason for my termination was my colleague who backstabbed me and acquired that position. Ironically it was the same colleague who worked under my supervision for a particular project. Such crafty people may succeed on a short run, but their long term success is not guaranteed.

‘Tough times don’t last, but tough people do’ – Robert Schuller

Really tough people never give up. This heart breaking failure didn’t deter Steve. He move ahead to start a new company called ‘Next’. ‘Next’ wasn’t a successful venture for Steve. Even this failure didn’t affect Steve. He kept on working hard to form ‘pixar Inc’ which produced six of the biggest animated movies which grossed more than 3.2 billion dollars. His iPod and iTunes brought a new revolution in music industry. His invention – iPhone turned out as a path breaking communication device in world of technology. Geniuses like Steve Jobs are very rare in this world who go beyond the call of duty to bring a new change that would benefit mankind.


Though Steve Jobs is no longer in the world, his legacy, his never say die attitude and his inventions are remarkable as well as inspiring. After reading the short episodes from his life, I was never the same. My struggle for success was revived, boosted and resurrected. I made a promise to myself that no matter how worse this world criticizes, ignores and ridicules my efforts, I will leave the mark of my writings that will definitely bring a change in world of books. Though there are countless biographies, documentaries on Steve Jobs to refer, I have taken a small effort to pen down my thoughts and pay a tribute to the legend called ‘Steve Jobs’.

Acknowledgements : Arindam Chaudhary’s book – discover the diamond in you is really a motivational book and the small anecdote on Steve Jobs helped me compose this article. I am thankful to author Arindam Chaudhary who has written such a good book – discover the diamond in you.

Stay inspired


Romeo & Juliet – the lovers then and now

‘Oh Romeo, wherefore art thou Romeo’ – lines from the play ‘Romeo and Juliet’

Hailee steinfield and Douglas booth as Romeo and Juliet in 2013 movie

Tragedy was never so beautiful, so endearing which changed the entire definition of romance. It was the skillful playwright – William Shakespeare who through his brilliant imagination penned down the timeless love story of two star crossed lovers – Romeo Montague and Juliet capulet. The feud between two families brings a doom to the short, yet powerful love of two hearts – Romeo & Juliet. This love story is regarded as one of the most powerful love stories that has stood the test of time and is still played on stage by various artists.

With times, definition of love also has changed. Love happens on Facebook and break up takes place on whatsapp. Is this love or a short term amusement for heart?  Nowadays where on earth will you find a trustworthy lover like Romeo who waited till night to catch a glimpse of his soul mate – Juliet. The most popular scene of this play was the balcony scene where Romeo and Juliet expressed vows with each other. Nowadays I hardly see such love. Today love comes with a expiry date. Today’s 21st century girls crave for attention of several Romeos than settling for a true Romeo as Romeo Montague.

Honor killings, deception, suicides, heartbreaks, acid attacks is what discovered in today’s age.  Love is diminishing day by day. What is left today is just hormonal desires and sexual hunger. Today’s lovers want one night stand, but don’t need a long committed relationship. They are ready to  split up in seconds and live separately with other partners than die for each other. I recollect the scene where Juliet drinks a fatal poison to unite with her love – Romeo. Though hard they tried to unite, their love is tragically cut short by untimely death.

Among several stories, William Shakespeare’s play – Romeo and Juliet was one story that inspired  me to become a writer. Though you may across countless love stories in novels, but nothing beats the  magnificence of this doomed love story of Romeo and Juliet.


Before reading this play, I had seen the 1996 movie – Romeo and Juliet which featured Leonardo DiCaprio and Claire Danes in the title roles. This movie adaptation is one of the best adaptation till date.
The recent one was the 2013 movie which starred Hailee Steinfield and Douglas Booth as the star-crossed lovers.


This week itself, I got the privilege to read the graphic novel of Romeo and Juliet and my fingers started moving automatically on keyboard to pour down my thoughts on this tragic but sweet love story of Juliet and her Romeo.  Though I may not be that lucky to get  the love of Juliet, but I do believe that one should not stop loving.

I highly recommend you all to read the original work – Romeo and Juliet written by  Shakespeare.

Keep loving

Is ignorance really a bliss?

There is an old saying – ‘Ignorance is bliss. This phrase was coined by Thomas Gray, an English poet. If you decipher the meaning behind this phrase, you will discover that any knowledge that you are unaware of, cannot harm you. Especially kids have an infectious curiosity in their mind to explore new things. Sometimes they light matchstick with a curiosity to see the effect, unaware that it might burn their hand.
For them, ignorance is bliss. But once they aware of it, the ignorance is never is a bliss. On one side, ignorance can be positive if you ignore the negative criticisms around you and keep on moving while ignorance can be negative if a person with an infected lung smokes six to ten cigarettes a day. Ignorance has positive as well as negative sides but it is up to us how we ignore the wrong things and do not ignore the right things.

In our society, we often come across such situations when we wish to interact with a certain person and that particular person hardly pays heed to our presence. This ignorance is sign of unresponsiveness, ego and false attitude. In this instance, this ignorance is not a bliss. Nothing is worse annoying in the world than an ignorance. A person’s non-verbal behavior conveys a lot of things about him or her while you try to strike a conversation. Some actions of ignorance are spreading a fake, plastic smile but not responding back. The other action is constantly staring at mobile and trying to make a fake call. In such instance, it is better to side line yourself from such people. Sidelining is a healthy sign of a maturity where you focus your mind and soul to your life’s priorities than forcing someone to become a part of your life. Especially in matter of relationships, a small ignorance can create a spark of misunderstandings between you and your partner. In such instance, it is advisable that you speak out and clear out the differences than spoil your relationship due to a minor ignorance.

There are two people with an ignorant attitude – the first one who is really unaware of any thing and the second one is the person who purposely refuses pay heed to consequences despite aware of his condition (e.g a drunkard who keeps on drinking despite knowing that his liver is damaged).

Through this article, I have tried to put my thoughts on the term – ignorance. Whether ignorance is really a bliss or not is determined by our attitude towards the situation in our life. All I can say is ignore the unnecessary things in life – stress, worry, criticisms, hatred and see the bright side of life full of optimism and hope.

I will be really happy to know your ideas about ignorance in your life. Is ignorance really a bliss? Awaiting your response.

Prashant Badiger

Chanakya’s chant – A Political Thriller By Ashwin Sanghi

In the world of politics, every single person is a pawn in hands of someone. The hunger to gain political power urges the ambitious contestant to go any lengths. Chanakya’s chant is an off-beat political thriller written by Ashwin Sanghi who has brilliantly exposed the dirty games of politics that prevailed during Chanakya’s times and present day. This book is a game changer, an eye- opening revelation for those who love to read history. First of all I appreciate the brilliance of Ashwin sanghi who has brought two different stories in one book. It’s not just about life of chanakya and chandragupta, it also discloses the unknown incidents behind Alexander’s poisoning, paurus’ murder and the most lethal of them all – the vishakanyas (poisonous damsels who were secretly working for chanakya)


Both the stories run parallel. There are two protagonists in this story – Vishnu Gupta better known as Chanakya who through his tactical mind overthrew the corrupt ruler – Dhanananda from the kingdom and placed Chandragupta maurya as the new emperor of Magadha. The other protagonist of this story is Gangasagar Mishra, a teacher from Kanpur. On one side,  Chanakya takes a clever move to destroy Dhanananda who had murdered his father Chanak while in the present times, Gangasagar Mishra uses everyone as a pawn to make Chandini Gupta, the next prime minister of India.  Through this novel , we meet many characters from history – Alexander the great, Chandragupta Maurya, Paurus,  Ambhi and the corrupt ruler – Dhanananda

Alexander's assassination through poisoning is biggest highlight of this novel

The biggest highlight of this novel is its explosive beginning where a vishakanya poisons king paurus through her seductive kiss. This is one of the biggest unrevealed incident that was never described in history. The vishakanyas were poisonous damsels working under Chanakya to assassinate kings and Paurus was one of their victims.

This book – chanakya’s chant is a complete entertaining political thriller and highly recommended for readers who are keen to read something off beat apart from the teen romantic stories written by amateurish authors.

ashwin sanghi - Author of novel - chanakya's chant, Krishna key and rozabel line

Once you have completed reading Chanakya’s chant do check out Krishna key and Rozabel line written by Ashwin Sanghi.