Chanakya’s chant – A Political Thriller By Ashwin Sanghi

In the world of politics, every single person is a pawn in hands of someone. The hunger to gain political power urges the ambitious contestant to go any lengths. Chanakya’s chant is an off-beat political thriller written by Ashwin Sanghi who has brilliantly exposed the dirty games of politics that prevailed during Chanakya’s times and present day. This book is a game changer, an eye- opening revelation for those who love to read history. First of all I appreciate the brilliance of Ashwin sanghi who has brought two different stories in one book. It’s not just about life of chanakya and chandragupta, it also discloses the unknown incidents behind Alexander’s poisoning, paurus’ murder and the most lethal of them all – the vishakanyas (poisonous damsels who were secretly working for chanakya)


Both the stories run parallel. There are two protagonists in this story – Vishnu Gupta better known as Chanakya who through his tactical mind overthrew the corrupt ruler – Dhanananda from the kingdom and placed Chandragupta maurya as the new emperor of Magadha. The other protagonist of this story is Gangasagar Mishra, a teacher from Kanpur. On one side,  Chanakya takes a clever move to destroy Dhanananda who had murdered his father Chanak while in the present times, Gangasagar Mishra uses everyone as a pawn to make Chandini Gupta, the next prime minister of India.  Through this novel , we meet many characters from history – Alexander the great, Chandragupta Maurya, Paurus,  Ambhi and the corrupt ruler – Dhanananda

Alexander's assassination through poisoning is biggest highlight of this novel

The biggest highlight of this novel is its explosive beginning where a vishakanya poisons king paurus through her seductive kiss. This is one of the biggest unrevealed incident that was never described in history. The vishakanyas were poisonous damsels working under Chanakya to assassinate kings and Paurus was one of their victims.

This book – chanakya’s chant is a complete entertaining political thriller and highly recommended for readers who are keen to read something off beat apart from the teen romantic stories written by amateurish authors.

ashwin sanghi - Author of novel - chanakya's chant, Krishna key and rozabel line

Once you have completed reading Chanakya’s chant do check out Krishna key and Rozabel line written by Ashwin Sanghi.


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  1. Chetan J. Somaiya says:

    Good one. I always wanted to read Chanakya. Have heard so much about it. Interesting perspective in your article.

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