Is ignorance really a bliss?


There is an old saying – ‘Ignorance is bliss. This phrase was coined by Thomas Gray, an English poet. If you decipher the meaning behind this phrase, you will discover that any knowledge that you are unaware of, cannot harm you. Especially kids have an infectious curiosity in their mind to explore new things. Sometimes they light matchstick with a curiosity to see the effect, unaware that it might burn their hand.
For them, ignorance is bliss. But once they aware of it, the ignorance is never is a bliss. On one side, ignorance can be positive if you ignore the negative criticisms around you and keep on moving while ignorance can be negative if a person with an infected lung smokes six to ten cigarettes a day. Ignorance has positive as well as negative sides but it is up to us how we ignore the wrong things and do not ignore the right things.

In our society, we often come across such situations when we wish to interact with a certain person and that particular person hardly pays heed to our presence. This ignorance is sign of unresponsiveness, ego and false attitude. In this instance, this ignorance is not a bliss. Nothing is worse annoying in the world than an ignorance. A person’s non-verbal behavior conveys a lot of things about him or her while you try to strike a conversation. Some actions of ignorance are spreading a fake, plastic smile but not responding back. The other action is constantly staring at mobile and trying to make a fake call. In such instance, it is better to side line yourself from such people. Sidelining is a healthy sign of a maturity where you focus your mind and soul to your life’s priorities than forcing someone to become a part of your life. Especially in matter of relationships, a small ignorance can create a spark of misunderstandings between you and your partner. In such instance, it is advisable that you speak out and clear out the differences than spoil your relationship due to a minor ignorance.

There are two people with an ignorant attitude – the first one who is really unaware of any thing and the second one is the person who purposely refuses pay heed to consequences despite aware of his condition (e.g a drunkard who keeps on drinking despite knowing that his liver is damaged).

Through this article, I have tried to put my thoughts on the term – ignorance. Whether ignorance is really a bliss or not is determined by our attitude towards the situation in our life. All I can say is ignore the unnecessary things in life – stress, worry, criticisms, hatred and see the bright side of life full of optimism and hope.

I will be really happy to know your ideas about ignorance in your life. Is ignorance really a bliss? Awaiting your response.

Prashant Badiger


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  1. Jyoti Arora says:

    Nice article. Ignorance might be a bliss, but this bliss is nothing but an illusion in most cases. The only true bliss can result from awareness and acceptance, I think.

  2. Chetan J. Somaiya says:

    Very nice thoughts on ignorance. I agree with @Jyoti Arora and also strongly feel that most of the people fall under second category (“is the person who purposely refuses pay heed to consequences despite aware of his condition”) as described in your article. Coz person who falls under first category is truely ignorant and he/she doesnt know what he/she is ignorant of (which is a bliss in few cases) :), but the other category of purposely ignoring the fact even after knowing the whole prupose of the context.
    I enjoyed the thoughts in your article and also of the co-reader/s. Keep writing.

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