Have me met before?

This destiny holds lot of magic with it, especially when it comes to connecting us to people, especially friends and soulmate. What happens when you meet someone for the first time and you get a gut feeling that you know the person for ages. Sparks fly, hearts connect and you end up becoming friend with that person. But it doesn’t happen every time with everyone. The divine connection happens only when you are destined to meet the person in your life.
Personally, I have faith in destiny and believe that feelings and destiny come together to connect you to that person and your entire life may change later.

Kate beckinsale and john cusack in movie serendipity

To elaborate more on this thought, I will give you a example of story from movie – serendipity in which Sarah and John who met in a shopping mall to buy a pair of gloves for their respective partners. Coincidentally they chose the same gloves. But instead of arguing on who should buy the gloves first, a sweet conversation starts and John decides to let that gloves stay with Sarah. John is charmed by the sweet nature of Sarah and he feels that he knows her for ages. Sarah believes in destiny and she feels that if it wants to connect her to John, it will definitely bring them together. John writes his number on a currency note saying to Sarah that if this currency note comes back to Sarah by fate, then they will sure meet again in coming times. And lo!! While receiving a change at a shop two years later, Sarah gets the same currency note on which John had written his number.  Sarah and John ‘re-unite due to the strange twist of fate, realizing that they had made for each other.

This situation happened in my life too. By matter of coincidence, I glimpsed at a girl and had a urge to talk with her. But I resisted that urge, knowing that a sudden interaction may discomfort her. Within few months, I was shifted to a new department, only to realize later it was the same girl who was now my best colleague who trained me  for a particular project. By coincidence, she lives in the same city where I live. Now we are really best friends and I bless god and my sweet destiny to connect with me with my good friend with whom I longed to talk.

Fate plays lots of games with us. If it connects us to a person, it also separates us from them. No matter how you are far away from that person, your feelings keep you close and connected to your loved ones. Thanks to whats app and Facebook, connecting with people has become very easy. But when it comes to connecting with the right person, divine fate creates a plot to bring you closer to the person through some event or purpose. Just keep your eyes and mind open, you may never know the passenger sitting besides you may be the soul mate or a friend  you always longed for. If you agree with my thoughts, drop your comments.

Keep connecting
Prashant badiger


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Chetan J. Somaiya says:

    Wow!! This is really cool. It is very true that fate has lot of charm on us which we fail to notice / appreciate lot of times.
    BTW, who is this girl you have mentioned above? – Just kidding 🙂
    Keep writing.

  2. Gopi Srinivas says:

    Good Post!!!

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