Love stories that touched my heart – an anthology of emotions

‘Kya keh ke gaya tha shayar woh sayaana, aag ka dariyaa aur doob ke jaana’ – lines from movie ‘rab ne bana di jodi’


How true !! The path of love is like a lake of fire which every lover has to cross. ‘Love stories that touched my heart’ is an anthology of love stories published by penguin books and the stories have been picked and edited by ravinder singh, the author of best selling novel – I too had a love story. After malgudi , this short story collection has really appealed to my heart.


Short stories have their own flavor, they convey a lot to us within a short span.  This collection of love stories is love stories of people coming from various walks of life. Some love stories meet with happy ending while some end with tragic separation. Happiness and separation are phases in love that everyone has to overcome. Among the short stories, ‘flirting’ is one story which is very unique in this anthology that narrates story about a woman who has to face the mood swings of her husband who is suffering from multiple personality disorder. The other story is about teenage lovers living in a small village in Kashmir and how their love is crushed even before it blossomed.  As you start reading  this short stories of love, you will definitely move back to the times when you met your love for the first time. What happens when you come face to face with your soul mate? Your heart starts beating faster and the whole ambience turns beautiful with the arrival of your soul mate. It is said that soul recognizes its mate even in the crowd of millions and that’s why they are known as soul mates.

I thoroughly enjoyed each and every love story in this anthology and it was really inspiring and worth my time to understand the emotion called love. I highly recommend everyone to read this book and cherish the moments of love.

With love


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