Books – your trip to wonderland of imagination

“Reading book is like traveling. It’s a cheapest vacation to countless worlds. All you just need is a imagination to feel the journey” – quote

How true indeed is this thought !!! Books have that power to take you to different places, introduce you to the larger than life characters and keep you engrossed  on a journey of thrill, action and adventure. From Willy wonka’s chocolate factory, Harry potter’s Hogwarts school to the mystic land of meluha, readers have traveled all the imaginative places created by authors. Though I am not a avid traveller, but my books have took me to a ride of adventure where I traveled Monte cristo through the book ‘count of Monte cristo’, took a dip twenty thousand leagues under the sea and even visited the Transylvania castle of count Dracula. The settings, places in the novel created by authors not only take the story forward, but also make you geographically aware of the places you had least thought of. Some places in the books are product of imagination while some are based on actual places in the world.

French author Jules Verne was popularly known for writing travel based books among which ‘around the world in 80 days’ and ’20 thousand leagues under the sea’ were immensely liked by the readers world wide. There is not a single reader in the world who hasn’t read Alice in wonderland, sindbad the sailor, Gulliver travels and snow white and the huntsmen.  Every story definitely took you to a trip of imagination you had ever thought of. From the skull cave of phantom to the romantic city of Verona where Romeo and Juliet lived, every place in the novel had some connection to the characters in the novel. Sometimes these worlds look more real than the real world and I wish I had a time machine, then I would have definitely escaped to a mystic place untouched by time.

Books have that sheer magic to transport you to the world untouched by time. You only need a book by your side to travel to that place. So are you ready to take that trip?

Happy reading
Prashant badiger


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  1. Chetan J. Somaiya says:

    Good one. I do not read lot of books and hence I guess am not a frequent traveler to the world of imagination :). But your writings certainly help me to catch-up on few of them. Thank you and keep writing.

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