If you live for people’s acceptance, you will die of rejection

Human being is a social animal. He likes to stay surrounded by people. Would be there any person in the world who would like to stay a loner? In this case, an ascetic would be an exception who renounces the world to gain enlightenment. The rest human race craves for staying in the crowd of people. Right from the early morning, when we step out from our home to catch train or bus till the whole day in office, we are always in circle of people. Friends, colleagues, relatives never leave us alone. In the verge of staying connected, we try befriending with new people in our society, office, gym or in pubs. Sometimes we get connected to people easily, sometimes we don’t. The real problem begins when we try harder to impress people to be our friends. What’s the point in losing your self respect to gain someone’s admiration? The end result is cynicism, disappointment and bitterness.

Since we are all born and brought up with lot of pampering and love from our parents, we start seeing the world as our family. Unfortunately the world is different from our perception, feelings and emotions. For an extrovert, making friends is not a big deal, but for a introvert, trying to befriend people is a Herculean challenge.  In case, if you are a little timid and introvert, trying to break the ice by interacting with people, then you should definitely take the first step. But make sure that the people you are bonding with, are people whose ideas and interests match with you.

Never ever try to befriend people who hardly bother about your presence. Sometimes it is best to avoid such people and get engrossed in some activities like reading and travelling. Connecting with people is really good, but make sure that you don’t go overboard by consuming your time to impress people or any particular person. There is no point in keeping any relationship if the person doesn’t has any sense of respect for you. In such instance, staying in your  company is the best option. At the end of the day, your life shouldn’t be wasted in befriending or impressing people. There is a life beyond socializing. Connect with your goals, dreams and ambitions and within no time the world be at your feet.


Bahubali – the beginning of an epic

After a wait of one month, my eyes were graced with the spectacular visuals of movie – Bahubali, a visual feast for epic movie lovers. The magnificence of this movie is so enormous that it difficult to figure out whether it is actually an Indian movie made with the brilliant technical team that would surpass even Hollywood movies like 300, braveheart, kingdom of heaven and Ben hur.


This is one of the most expensive movie ever made and its making itself took 3 long years. Bahubali is the saga of clash between two princes – Amarendra Bahubali and his cousin brother Bhallaldeva to rule over the kingdom Mahishmati.

Amarendra Bahubali is a kind hearted prince who cares for the welfare of people of mahishmati while Bhallaldeva is a shrewd, cunning fellow who will go to any means to kill bahubali and usurp the kingdom. The story is told in flashback by  kattappa, a trusted soldier of mahishmati to Shiva, the son of bahubali. The climax is shocking as kattappa finally reveals the truth that he is the traitor who killed bahubali. To know the epic conclusion we have to wait for next year for release of bahubali the conclusion. This spectacular epic movie will remind you of movies like king Arthur, lord of rings, 300: rise of an empire and gladiator.

A special praise to the genius director s.s.rajamouli and his team to transform the story of bahubali into a big motion picture on 70 mm screen. S.S.rajamouli is the genius who gave us movies like magadheera and eega. Actor Prabhas looks convincing in the title role of bahubali and his hard efforts can be seen in the movie.


This movie is visually scenic, especially the waterfalls and the massive battle ground on which bahubali battles with his enemies, the scenes are shot to perfection. This movie reminded me of the book – immortals of Meluha written by author Amish Tripathi. Even immortals of meluha had epic battle scenes which are written beautifully by author Amish. If you have penchant for epic movies, then bahubali the beginning is really a must watch movie. It’s a visual treat.