The Notebook – A timeless love story

Novel – The Notebook
Author – Nicholas Sparks
Publication Date – 1996

“Sometimes the greatest journey in the world is the distance between two people” – quote


How truly said !! This beautiful quote was written by author W.Somerhset Maughm, defining love in such a unique way. Love is a strange emotion which sneaks through the door of your heart even before you are aware of it. Love happens, it just happens!! It is like a wind. We can feel it, but we can’t see it. “The Notebook” is an inspiring love story of the love birds – Noah and Allie which is set during the backdrop of world war. The love story of Noah and Allie is narrated by an old man to a woman who is suffering from Alzheimer’s disease (a disease where person starts losing his memory). Destiny connects Noah and Allie during a carnival and within no time they realize that they are made for each other. But Allie’s parents don’t approve the adorable relationship of Noah and Allie due to differences in class as Allie is brought up with all amenities she desired for while Noah is poor enough to fulfill the dreams of Allie.


This beautiful relationship is tragically cut short by destiny and Noah & Allie are separated from each other. Really, separation is painful than death and Noah’s lonely life becomes a punishment for him. He regularly writes letters for one year to Allie with a hope to unite with her. But Allie’s mother hides the letters and the heartwarming letters never reach Allie. Several years later, now the to-be bride Allie meets Noah and the passion of their emotions ignite again. They quarrel; they fight after a long separation only to realize that no power in the world can separate their tender relationship. But one question will always come to reader’s mind about the connection of Noah and Allie with the old man and woman. How are they related to each other? Will Noah and Allie come together? Will the old woman recall her past? What is the relationship of the old man with the Alzheimer patient? To know all these answers, you have to read ‘The notebook’ written by Nicholas Sparks.


This novel is one of my favorite books and highly recommended novel for those people who believe in the power of love. Through this novel ‘The Notebook’, Nicholas Sparks became the best-selling author who went on to write many other best-selling novels – Dear John, A Walk to Remember, Message in A Bottle and Best of me.


One Reply to “The Notebook – A timeless love story”

  1. Good one!! I am sure this would be the true story. Very well written, not it ignites the curosity of what happens next..
    Keep wirting and inspiring!

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