Highs and lows of 2015

It seems like ages staying away from writing for almost 3 months. Finally after long wait of 3 months I couldn’t resist my impulse to record my thoughts on my word document. My personal priorities, job hunt and race to bring life back on track took me good 3 months, but I was really out of action, away from myself – the writer who always has some story to say.

It feels fresh to be back on writing table with a new zeal, refreshing enthusiasm to tell a new, inspiring story that would change your life on a positive note. 2015 has been a roller coaster ride, full of encouraging highs and depressing lows.

Highs of 2015 –
My journey of blog writing has been a encouraging high in 2015, filled with new stories – the blue umbrella by Ruskin bond, chanakya’s chant and matured articles on relationships. Yes, of course, my WordPress blog was flooded with praising comments from my readers all over the world. Some of my old articles written in 2010 have been read with great curiosity even today. I am really thankful to all my readers for showing their love through their comments. It also been a good year to read different books on mythology, politics and motivation. I thoroughly enjoyed reading chanakya’s chant, Krishna key, Karna’s wife and there are several other books which are on my wish list. Bagging a new job in a e-commerce company was another high point for me.

Lows of 2015 –
Losing the inspiring companionship of maternal uncle was the most lowest phase in 2015. It was the most depressing part of 2015. I hope that his soul rests in peace and we always remember him in our happy and sad moment. Resigning from my old ecommerce company was a severe blow on me. After a stable phase of 3 years, I had to take drastic decision  to leave the company. Though I resigned, I really miss those beautiful years I spent in my workplace. Some good moments in your life always give you the strength to move forward in life.

Overall, it was a bumpy ride, path full of potholes of difficulties. But in the phase of high and lows, I learnt a lot in 2015, both personally and professionally. I hope that God gives me the strength and courage to continue my journey of writing with determination and hope to grow in life as a acclaimed writer someday.

Happy reading
Prashant badiger


One Reply to “Highs and lows of 2015”

  1. Everyone has low and high phase.. but it is important how one gets back on track for the next year. I am glad you are already back by writing an article 🙂
    Keep writing as always and wish you all the best for the coming year.
    Wishes for the New Year.

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