Life has to be understood backward, but lived forward

A person living in past becomes a past – thought

What a realistic and beautiful thought !!! The person who lives in his old memories can never grow up in life. Our day to day challenges of life have engineered our mind and body to think for future and live for today – working rigorously to meet the needs of ourselves and our family. Somewhere in chaotic lifestyle, the working person has lost the grip of time and forgotten the best days he lived in the past.

For a career-oriented person, thinking about past may be impractical, but for a emotional person, past is bliss. Many renowned artists, authors and playwrights have used nostalgia as a element to showcase their work. For example – the book adventures of tom sawyer was based on experiences of author mark twain. Through his books – Oliver twist, great expectations and David Copperfield, author Charles dickens highlighted the struggles he underwent while working as a child labour. Books like swami & friends, charulata (short story by tagore), malgudi days, little women are based on the best days the writers lived during their childhood and youthful times.

In memories, love lives forever – quote

The situations of our present life is based on our past actions. If we had really been hardworking in our pastimes, our present life is comfortable and secured. But at the same time, if we had been lethargic in our past days, the bad impact shows in our present life. We should stay in present, but also take a time out to glance at our past and compare our situations. If you are struggling in present day, the happy moments of your past will give you strength to face the adversity of life with smile. Such is the power of being nostalgic.
Whenever I feel depressed, low and discouraged, I take a moment to relive the best days of my life – the first day of school, childhood friends, qualifying moments and the unforgettable smile of my first sweetheart. Though these moments and people are not with me, but their memories give me strength to carry on in my life.  For matured people, living in past may be like lying in graveyard while on the contrary, reliving the past is like strolling in the garden full of greenery for soulful and emotional individuals. Every person looks towards life based on his nature, character, experiences and maturity and ultimately it is his actions that determines his future.

Through this article, I wanted to share my thoughts on this quote and highlight the significance of present and nostalgia of yesterday. Hope you all will connect with this article and recall the best, inspiring moments of your life.

Happy reading


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