Remembering madhubala

‘Working in Bollywood makes you famous, dying in Bollywood makes you a legend’ – movie quote


Whenever I saw Hollywood actress Kate Winslet in magazines and movies, I noticed a very strange, uncanny resemblance to yester years actress – Madhubala. If you closely notice Kate Winslet, she had the same smile, shyness and elegance similar to madhubala. Even after several years since her death in 1971, she continues to rule the Indian cinema through her movies and performance. Even Marilyn Monroe couldn’t not match up to her beauty.

In terms of popularity, Madhubala equalled the Hollywood actress Marilyn Monroe. The only thing common between Madhubala and Marilyn were their untimely deaths. Marilyn was found dead in mysterious circumstances while Madhubala died due to a prolonged illness of heart. Madhubala was just 36 years old when she passed away. Though today Bollywood is crowded by young charming actresses, but no one has able to bring that larger than life charisma like Madhubala did. Only actress Madhuri dixit was compared to Madhubala. Sadly, there is no biography movie made on life on Madhubala while Hollywood had made several movies on Marilyn.

Born on 14th February, 1933 in Delhi, Madhubala’s real name was Mumtaz dehalvi, a girl destined to rule Indian cinema and hearts of audiences, but ironically she was deprived of love in her personal life. An astrologer had predicted about madhubala that she will grow up to become a popular person in future, earning lots of fortune and fame, but will have a short life span. Despite being diagnosed with a hole in her heart, madhubala started working in movies at age of 8. Slowly with times, Madhubala got her first break in Neel  Kamal opposite Raj Kapoor. Then there was no looking back. She went on to become the leading and successful starlet in movies like Mahal, Gateway of India, Tarana, Mr and Mrs 55, Howrah bridge and the magnum opus – Mughal-e-azam. Though Bollywood gave her stardom, wealth and fame, but this beautiful actress yearned for true love and a happy life which was tragically cut short by her death due to heart disease.


According to news articles and sources, actress Madhubala’s life and career was controlled by her over protective father who never allowed her to lead her life freely. Since she was the sole bread earner of the family, Madhubala sacrificed her emotions to upbring her family. But in the final years of life, she got married to actor and singer Kishore Kumar. Even this relationship didn’t go on a good phase. Kishore Kumar spent a fortune for treatment of her heart disease, but it got complicated since it had reached the final stage.
Madhubala passed away on 23rd February 1969 after a painful phase in her last years. According to critics, Madhubala’s enchanting beauty overshadowed her acting. She was just a eye candy for critics until she proved them wrong by delivering a mind-blowing performance as Anarkali in Mughal-e-azam. Among all the movies, Madhubala looked really beautiful in ‘barsaat ki raat’. Hope this article will be an eye opening inspiration for Bollywood filmmakers to make a biopic movie on life of Mumtaz Dehalvi whom the Bollywood knew by her name – Madhubala.


5 Replies to “Remembering madhubala”

  1. As an additional comment, Prashant, I would like to say that I admire your humble request for Bollywood to come up with a stirring biopic on Madhubala instead of just random people.

    1. Bollywood is not so large hearted to make movie on madhubala. Bollywood can make movie on corrupted cricketers, criminals, adult actresses but never on this eternal beauty

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