Words hurt more than swords

God really has created this strange organ called tongue which is though soft like a nubile woman, but is strong enough to demoralize, criticize, drain and demotivate a person. Ever wondered why people are prone to getting discouraged, disheartened and tragic?  It is all because of words. Majority of divorces happen due to exchange of swearing words between partners which not only break down a happy home, but also creates a feeling of hatred and fear in minds of kids. Such small quarrels lead to domestic violence.

Especially in country like India, majority of people utter swearing words to a great extent and unfortunately these swearing or bad words are always on mother and sister. What can be the main cause behind the utterance of words? -Increase of illiteracy, Unemployment, Struggle-some life or depression. Whatever may be the reason, we are prone to get bombarded with such negative words in our day to day life. The choice of negative words has always ruined the mankind for countless words. Whether you are traveling in a train or a bus, you do witness instances of scuffle over minor things and the scuffle later turns into a personal battle with exchange of swearing words or a fist fight. I never knew why people always want to create scene over minor things and prove themselves as some hero.

In corporate world, employees are just treated as machine for production rather than a human. Even a small mistake committed by an executive in a company is treated as a crime and he is bombarded with criticism, insults and heart breaking words to such an extent that he either resigns from his job or loses his hope in life. Words like ‘bullshit, loser, incompetent, rejected’ are dreadful enough to paralyze someone for entire life. Majority of people resign their jobs not due to their work, but due to their horrible bosses who keep them tormenting 24×7.

According to research study, lots of people have gone insane or attempted suicide and the primary factor behind such occurrence is utterance of the negative words from any person – interviewer, friend, sweetheart, relative, office colleague or even family members. Rejection in love, job or any opportunity happens due to words spoken by people we encounter in day to day life. We may not remember the person in later years, but the words definitely keep ringing in our ears. The human race finds a strange happiness in taking a dig at people. Unfortunately some people consider it a sense of courage to demoralize or insult people through utterance of negative and swearing. But such acts are just nothing but their true exposure of cowardice.

Actions like criticism, insult, scorning words and bullying has never made anyone a hero, but it has definitely created new feelings like hatred and resentment. Even the renowned author Thomas Hardy for criticized to such an extent for his novels that he never considered writing any novel for the rest of his life. Such was the negative impact of words on Thomas Hardy.

A positive word can uplift a person while a negative word can drain his confidence. It is just depended on us to select the right word and take care to see that we are not hurting anyone through our speech. This topic may sound bit preaching, psychological and bitter, but it is a true reflection of life and the heart breaking instances that a common man has to face in his one single lifetime.




R.K.Narayan – The author who created the world called ‘Malgudi’

R.K.Narayan (Rasipuram Krishnaswami Iyer) 10th October 1906-13th May 2001
Notable Works – Malgudi days, Swami and friends, The Guide, Under the banyan tree and other stories, Vendor of sweets, Financial Expert, Waiting for the Mahatma etc

The only thing that reminds people of R.K.Narayan is the 80’s television show – Malgudi days directed by actor Shankar Nag. People loved the illustrations that appeared in the opening credits. These illustrations were sketched by none other than R.K.Laxman, the other genius in world of cartoons and journalism. As a child, I only recollect the episodes of Swami and friends penned by R.K.Narayan. Swami was my favorite ones as I could identify with him as a kid who was scared to go school and loved to play and enjoy every moment of his boyhood. The legacy of R.K.Narayan is not just limited to the television adaptation of his books – Malgudi days and Swami and friends. He was a genius, a simpleton at heart and the simplicity always reflected in his short stories and full length novels.

I have read the full collection of short stories – Malgudi days written by R.K.Narayan and every short story in the book is close to reality. The hero of his short stories are the common masses we see in our day to day life – an office clerk, a teacher, student, mother, astrologer, pick pocket, servant, labour, merchant and shopkeeper. Through his short stories, he highlighted the heart breaking struggle of a common person, striving to make his best fortune in his life or adjusting himself to the rigorous situations of life. Especially the short story ‘Forty five a month’ in his book – Malgudi days is a clear representation of common man’s helplessness to choose between his job and his family. There are several stories in R.K. Narayan’s book which are a fine blend of light humor and bitter realities.


A recipient of Sahitya Academy award, R.K.Narayan was very different from other contemporary authors and what separated him from others was his knack to narrate even a complex story in a light hearted and simple way. This is what still appeals to readers even for today. His full length novel – Guide was adapted for major Hindi motion picture starring Dev anand and Waheeda Rehman. Though today’s contemporary authors write on love story, call centers, breakups, campus and sensational thrillers, they are nowhere closer to the legend called R.K.Narayan.

Though Malgudi was a fictional city created by R.K.Narayan, people still search it on maps and search engines to visit that place. Such was the charisma of R.K.Narayan’s writings which was believable. The place ‘Malgudi’ is the spirit of our India’s rural places and reflects the simplicity, culture, custom and traditions that we still preserve, respect and practice. In every small town or village, you will find a talkative man who keeps bragging about his courage through his stories or a kid like Swami who wishes to enjoy his childhood moments for eternity.
My bookshelf is adorned with the bestselling titles of R.K.Narayan – Malgudi days, Swami and Friends & under the banyan tree & other stories. Every time I feel nostalgic about my hometown, I definitely pick his books to visit the enchanting place called Malgudi. Through this article, I have taken a small effort to showcase my thoughts on the great genius – R.K.Narayan who wrote about the common people and was loved by the common people all over the world.

The bestsellers on my wish list

‘Books give a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything’ – Quote

Give me a cup of tea and a book to read and I am all happy for a lifetime. I hope every reader will agree this state of mind when he wants nothing but getting submerged in ocean of imagination where he will meet the beautiful mermaids, ugly witches, scheming sorceress, a pretty princess and a dashing hero. Ingredients of a fairy tale book, isn’t it? From snow white, harry potter to Percy Jackson and Peter Pan, books have delighted the readers from generation to generation. Only the writing styles and authors have changed. 2015 had been a great year for me to add more books in my bookshelf that were graced with titles like Chanakya’s chant, Krishna Key, 13 steps to bloody good luck, Karna’s wife, Love stories that touched my heart by Ravinder Singh, Doomsday conspiracy, Sicilian etc. Every book that I have read has brought a new change in me, giving a new insight to understand life more clearly and maturely. As a writer, I aspire to grow with the writings of great authors like Louisa May Alcott, R.K.Narayan, William Shakespeare, Mark Twain, Charles Dickens, Jules Verne, Alexandre Dumas and Thomas Hardy. In 2016, I am looking forward to read more books that are on my wish list.  Here are the refreshing books I can’t wait to read.

1] Short Stories by Ruskin Bond
2] To kill a mocking bird by Harper Lee
3] The Notebook by Nicholas Sparks
4] The Guide by R.K.Narayan
5] The best of me by Nicholas Sparks
6]  Anna Karenina by Leo Tolstoy
7] Marley and me
8] Gone Girl
9] The Namesake by Jhumpa Lahiri
10] Till the last breath by Durjoy Dutta
11] Fault in our stars by John Green
12] Man eater of Malgudi by R.K.Narayan
13] Sialkot Saga by Ashwin Sanghi
14] Rozabel line by Ashwin Sanghi
15] Secret of nagas by Amish Tripathi
16] The oath of vayuputras by Amish Tripathi
17] Anne Frank – The diary of a young girl
18]  Silence of the lambs
19] Seven secrets of Shiva by Devdutta Patnaik
20] The Sicilian by Mario Puzo

So far these titles are on my wish list. Looking forward to start reading them.

Happy Reading
Prashant Badiger





Let’s go offline

a day without laughter is a day wasted – Charlie Chaplin

What an extraordinary thought by the great comedian Chaplin. He has explained the value of life in such a short quote. There was a time when we laughed, smiled, giggled and shared our feelings with friends personally. Our friends appreciated our views, liked our ideas and criticized our follies. But now our best friends are the electronic devices – mobile handsets, tablets and laptops. Among the devices, majority of people are glued to their mobile handsets. Their fingers are always tempted towards Whatsapp and Facebook. The addiction for staying connected to social network is stronger than consumption of alcohol and drugs. Today people are more inclined to gain popularity by posting their pictures on Facebook to fetch likes on their status. They want to share their personal details with world, virtually but not personally. As a techno savvy person, even I am lured towards the virtual world. Even I am addicted towards checking my FB status and Whatsapp chats. Isn’t there any way to resist our fingers from staying offline?

Just take a resolution to stay offline one single day without touching your mobile handset, tablet or laptop device. For today’s generation staying offline is more difficult than staying hungry for a day. Though it may be difficult for that particular day, but you will definitely be able to utilize your mind towards bringing your hands together for prayer. Ironically, our hands are more glued to the mobile screen than praying. The prayer is one such activity which can connect you to God without utilizing any cable or wires. But unfortunately, people fall prey to bad online activities than focusing their time on constructive activities like planting water, cleaning house, writing a diary etc.

Secondly, people have time for virtual friends, but no time for their parents. They plan dinner, movies and get together on Whatsapp, but don’t have even an hour to talk with their parents. Just take a time out to talk with your parents and do let them know that you are always for them no matter how busy you are. Sadly, in process of making million friends we disconnect from our true friends – our parents.

Connecting with books is a recreational way to gain new ideas, inspiration than spraining our fingers on meaningless conversations we do on chats. For readers, their books are their best companions. Just take a time out to read any book that suits your interest – fiction or non-fiction. Trust me; nothing is blissful in the world than reading. Reading books is like taking a short vacation and traveling in a wonderland without moving from your place.

In process of befriending new friends on social networks, we often ignore or forget our old friends who really helped us in times of adversity. So utilize that day to give a personal visit to your friend’s house and give him a joyful surprise. Ironically people welcome new friends in their social network, but never in their hearts.

There is a lot to explore, learn, discover and experience in that one single day without staying online. You just have to resist your online activity, but not go overboard.

This article is really a matter of debate whether people will really take a day off from their online activity and enjoy the priceless moments of life. Hope this article will be an eye opener for me and everyone to stay offline for a single day every month. Let’s go offline for the best.

Prashant Badiger